Friday, June 13, 2008

Bettina & Kristine Hanson win!

No, we're not giving away 2 patterns. Nice try, Rachel. But Kristine wins and so does Bettina! Bettina is my new elephant. And she's a winner just by existing. I love her and she went together just as fast as Abby. We've got the YoYo Elephant Pattern in. Only 2 left. Friends.....Bettina & Abby

Thanks so much for all the good ideas. They are wonderful! I'm really going to be a great cook someday! Like someone mentioned, if you want a warehouse of ideas for meals look to Pioneer Woman Cooks. Her recipes come with pictures. (the only way I like to cook) She also had a giveaway where you shared a recipe. Here are 5,000+ reader recipes. Little more than 22, eh? Now stop reading blogs and get cooking! See you next Thursday!

Kristine contact Corrie at her email address listed under the About Me. Congrats!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats Kristine!
    CUTE Elephant! Great job Des.