Thursday, October 23, 2014

Giveaway Day!

What could be in
this little
A sewing kit.
This is an adorable little gift
for a friend or
stocking stuffer or
 to slip in my suitcase.
And then there's the Better Buddy.
It holds all your little notions
and the top part is magnetized.
I take mine with my 'traveling' sewing machine. 
I need somewhere for my feet to be where
I can find them instead of the bottom of my bag.
I'd also like one for all my
 sewing machine needles and handwork items. 
What color, what color?
And Better Buddy has a big brother -- 
which keeps Bigga things handy.
There's a few in the shop.
Makes a great gift. 
It comes in lots of colors,
if you're interested in a color I don't have,
just email me.
The giveaway today is a purse sewing kit.
To enter the drawing, leave a comment.
Random drawing Friday night.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Candy, Smores, Gumdrops, Anyone?

My son and I found
Candy Aisle Crafts
at our library.
Easy, easy, simple stuff we could actually pull off.
Well, maybe not the cone castle,
but the rest of it,
I'm pretty sure we could do.
And I'm a Cub Scout Leader.
Yep, I promise to
"Do My Best!"
Oh... the motto is "Do YOUR Best!"
Close enough. 
I'm still new. 
Really I'm not,
I just don't know what I am doing!
Back to the book...
I think this will be awesome for Cub Scouts
and for any mom or grandma
 who wants to be amazing by
candy circus animals
a gum drop zoo.
We are testing out
the Monster S'mores.
You don't need much.
I tried mini m and m's and they work!
So my little Cubs can each have a color
 and we'll know whose is whose.
[That's a big deal; we're also going to practice
 hand washing today :).]
Aren't they scary??  ?

He said,
"This is good."
there you have it.
Update:  Home from Scouts.  Wow.  This rocked.  It's the best group kids' food craft. 
Turn on the broiler.  I had ingredient kits in baggies for each child, then they put them together, put on a cookie sheet (with parchment paper or a Silpat), and broil for 45 seconds.  Brilliant.  
45 seconds and it's done.  Instant treats!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halloween Giveaway Day!'s a favorite of mine.

We've still got some fun Halloween
Who doesn't need some

And it's easy to make Halloween bunting
with this festive pennant panel.

Today's giveaway is a bunting panel.
Update:  Congrats to classicgal!
You are the winner!

To enter the drawing,
leave a comment on what you're
going to do this Hallows' Eve.
Random drawing Friday night.

Monday, October 13, 2014

BANG! Pow!!

 The Craft Taffy Retreat going gals
were quite
the thespians!

Such Emotion!

Such Projecting!

Such Acting!

Such Execution!

Nancy and Di were the brains 
behind this darling photo set up!!
THEY know how to execute a vision!!
Thanks girls!!

Such Fun!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Primrose Garden Giveaway Day!

Pretty, pretty
shabby roses
from Carina Gardner
We have precuts in the shop.
The giveaway today is a Primrose Garden
5 inch charm pack.
To enter the drawing,
leave a comment.
Update:  Congrats to Suzan O!
You are the winner!
Random drawing Friday night.