Friday, April 3, 2015

Looking forward to a fun-filled 
retreat this Fall. 
A few spots left.  
Grab a friend/sister/mom 
and come enjoy new friendships, 
as well as beautiful scenery!

Retreat Info Here

Glitter is in the Air

 Wish you were my neighbor.
I'm having a little Easter brunch for 
some friends at Church. 

I've been a little obsessed with glitter lately. 
I want every single gorgeous color that Martha Stewart makes. 
However, Corrie and I found a much better solution for our glitter 

Dollar Store glitter nail polish!
AND I don't end up with glitter all over the house. 
Some bottles have thick brushes 
and some have really narrow ones. 
 I like both.  
Just depends on how much territory I want to cover.  
I use Avery Matte White Textured Postcards #3380

Happy Spring!
Have a Blessed Easter!
He Lives!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Peeps for All

I'm really not a Peep lover,
but I love these
and want to give them to the world.
Made some for my quilt group last week,
my friends, and everyone else
I can think of.
"Honey, wouldn't your
 bus driver like a Peep?
How about the mail lady?"
  I do enjoy a
super easy
super cute
Would be fun to make with kids!
These have been dipped in
melted chocolate on the back and sprinkled.
All you need is:
-chocolate melts
-3"x4" poly bags
-bakers twine or floss 
Made another batch today,
they are just waiting to be bagged. 
Do you prefer
pink or yellow?
I adore the Yellows.
I like the Peep on the right,
it looks like she has eyelashes.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Clementine, Oh Clementine

I've always been a fan
of Heather Bailey.
This new Clementine fabric really does...
"Evoke a romp in the summer grass, a ride on banana-seat bicycles and sipping fresh-squeezed lemonade, these playful, charming prints will inspire countless projects, from quilts and clothing to crafts and home decor." 

Image from heather bailey's site.


The Summerhouse print and colors
remind me of this sweet book...
Not sure what her inspiration was
Clementine is definitely a keeper
with these pretty prints:
Flutterby, Sprout
and Posie. 
Add some spring and sunshine to your next project
with these soft fun designs.
Clementine precuts are in the shop!

Friday, March 20, 2015


Here's a quick and easy tutorial I found on Pinterest
Circular items usually intimidate me. 

 However, with my new Circular Toy......
I was inspired to give it a try!

I made the large size. 
I used home dec weight fabric. 

I used a lightweight interfacing because that's what I had on hand.  
Next time I will try a heavy interfacing. 
I love storing my yarn in it. 

This was so fast and easy!! 
Ashley did a great job with this tutorial. 
I see many more in my future!

A few spots left for our 2015 Retreat!
We'd love to have you!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I Love a Good Hot Pad

On my trip to the Vintage White Market
I snagged more of these woven hot pads. 

I bought some last year and they have 
brought me joy each and every meal. 

When I went to the show this year, 
there was that darling "Vintage Fern" 
selling her wares. 
Fell in love immediately with the new colors. 

Corrie Dawn, you can take "Hot Pads" off of my Birthday/Christmas list.  
I have my Mickeys and now SIX loomed ones. 

You'd think I was feeding a small country.
But my motto is,
"You can Never Have too Many Hot Pads.

And I picked up a little something, something for Corrie's birthday but I'll have to disguise it. 
Please remind me that I have it, though. 

A few spots left for our 2015 Retreat!
We'd love to have you!