Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Quick and Easy Valentine Advent

 February 1st is just a few days away!

I thought I would throw together a very simple 
advent for some young, college lovebirds.  

Since fabric is what I always have on hand, 
I went with making a tube of fabric. 
I'm only putting in a couple of kisses per day. 
It's the thought that counts, people. 

Cut a strip of fabric 6 1/2 " x 42ish. 
Fold in half, right sides together.
Now it's 3 1/4" x 42"ish.
Sew along the bottom and up the side.
Leave the top open. 
Turn inside out. 
Press under the raw edge for a clean finish. 
Now we have a tube with one end open. 

I decided to go with a joke a day 
and a couple of kisses. 
Simple, remember. 
Jokes from here.
Okay, I threw in a Panda Express card 
for ONE day.  :) 

Drop your kisses and joke and then tie it off.
Drop in your next batch of kisses and joke and tie. 
See the pattern?

The joke was a little tricky to get in there 
because it's not heavy like the kisses. 
So I pretended I was in 1989 and putting on panty hose.
 (does anyone remember wearing panty hose?)
Scrunched up the long part on my hand 
and then slipped the joke in. 

For the topper I just made a little quilt sandwich, straight stitched and then cut out a heart shape with a cookie cutter. 
 I like the raw edge look.  I sewed the heart on the top of my tube. 
Cut a little tie for the back, hot glued it on for hanging. 

I love LOVE. 
Happy Valentine's Day.

A couple more Valentine Ideas:

Monday, January 25, 2016

Princess Leia To The Rescue

My youngest was headed to a
Star Wars
movie night.
I love a good excuse
to try something new.
I thought these cupcakes
were adorable.
Princess Leia,
pretty delicious.
(So are peanut butter Oreos,
my new fav.)

Friday, January 22, 2016


This fabric line was too much color and
too much fun to pass up.
It's Soda Fabulous!
Actually is Sodalicious
by Emily Herrick.
Little bottles, bottle caps,
I had 14 fat quarters, so I went to
my goto pattern of Cluck Cluck Sew's
It uses every little inch
of your fat quarters.
Called my awesome local machine quilter, Ingrid. 
She puts up with me, because I adore her.
"Ingrid, could you squeeze in a Christmas quilt."
She said, "Is it done?"
"No................, but it will be."
Whipped this baby up in a day.
And I talked Ingrid into making one. 
And I cut all her squares and strips
because she's too busy quilting :).
I needed backing quick.
You know Christmas time at Joann's...
Miracle of miracles,
they had a perfect aqua minkee. 
I love Ingrid's mod design on the back. 
The quilt is for my 2nd oldest, college daughter.
I thought this would be a good size and
 snuggly to use out on her couch.  
Embroidered a label. 
She is Soda Wonderful!
She Soda Loved It!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Giveaway Day! and Moving SALE


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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ho Ho Ho - Countdown to Christmas

It's December!
Time for Countdown Calendars.
My husband and sons
pitched in to make these for
the girls.
The girls have frames with clips
that they hang these from.
So Girls...that's why there's no rhyme
 or reason to the contents and why
they look the way they do.  :)
They were made with
love and staples.
This year I added a joke and candy to each one.
Thought my son-in-law would
enjoy that.
When we first met him, he told all kinds
of corny jokes to my little guy.
Santa design is by Amy Robison.
  She designs projects for Silhouette.
These make me happy.
If you'd like to see others, I just decided they
 needed their own category - holiday packets. 
Happy December!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Quick Finish

I have been wanting to
make these
f o r e v e r.

I guess getting around to the project
wasn't quick,
but they really are pretty easy.

It's Cotton Way's

How much do I love the design
on the top mat?
So so darling!

But that seemed like a bit of work
I probably wouldn't
let anyone use them.

I want to
use them.

So I went with just
 the squares.
I was a little intimidated by the scallops,
but shouldn't have been.

Mine are made out of Miss Kate
You can make 4 placemats out
of one 5" charm pack
 plus the border fabric.

Did some top-stitching
it gives it some pop! 
Experimenting with Prescenia thread, here.

Excited to use them!

I keep telling myself,
I can always make more...should they
get stained, right?