Friday, November 30, 2018

After the Wedding Bells

We had a reception for our daughter
the same day as the wedding.
It was a completely full day but
our family and friends helped so much.

photo bomb

The day before the wedding the bride, groom,
son, husband and I made a trip to town
 to pick things up.
This dresser was having a little trouble
in the pickup.
My husband got out to secure it and
when he got back in
he put his elbow
in the
Complete silence for a
good half hour.
 Originally I was going to make the cake.
How hard could a semi-naked cake be?
A few weeks before, I decided,
maybe hard.
So I ordered a cake.
I have an amazing friend that generously did us a favor and outdid herself making my older daughter's
amazing wedding cake.
I sincerely didn't want to bother her again.
After the elbow,
she was my first call.
She scraped off the buttercream roses on top
and delivered this which is exactly what we wanted.
Besides my daughter,
two things make me tear up.
My cake friend is one of them.
The other thing is our sweet friend, Chad,
handling parking for
two hours on a hot summer night.
It was a magical night
that ended with a "twirl".
So grateful for the blessing of being
this bride's mother.

She and I have been through a lot of living.
And it's hard letting go,
but I've never seen her happier.

 The couple had left when this last pic was taken,
 and afterwards a fun bunch headed to the late show
for a little Mamma Mia because at midnight
 it would be my birthday :).
To see pictures from earlier today, click here.




Wedding Bells

On a beautiful, slightly smoky, 
hot summer day
this took place.
But first, 
Congratulations Lane Elizabeth
on your spring graduation!
You can do hard things,
and we are so proud of you.
Our little college graduate married a
 smart, kind, personable, avid rock climber
that we hope is cautious.
He is :). 

Here are three of our four,
our oldest son was in the Philippines
 sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ on a mission
for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
And thank you to, my amazing sister, 
who held my hand through it all.
 And my sweet Dad.

We love you and want the best
for both of you.
Onto the future...

Click here if you'd like to see the reception.


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Little Red in the Woods

Darling collection from Jill Howarth
for Riley Blake Designs.

Just how bad is the big bad wolf?
He's looking pretty dapper with that cane.
The colorways are
 mint, cream and pink with
some teal and red.

So charming for
the littles in your woods!


Precuts and yardage are
in the shop!

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