Friday, January 30, 2009

We're OX to a good start!

We celebrated the kick off to Chinese New Year on Monday.
I know it's Friday.

We're not still celebrating.
We could, but we're not.
In fact, we've moved on and we're having enchilada's tonight.

Lori inspired me to make dinner.
Egg Rolls, Fried Rice and I cheated with my freezer Holiday Meatballs that were all ready to go, just needed to thaw and heat.
Miss Lori really went all out, homemade fortune cookies, chinese lanterns.........I'm going to need to build on this for another year.
I did pull out a red tablecloth.
Vanessa, I think you need to add this to your Kung Pao repetoire. Very cool.
Okay, it's fried.

My hubby served a 2 year mission for our church in Taiwan so he of course waxed chinese for us all night long.

I've decided this is going to be my next freezer club meal. Super duper easy, yet different and it will possibly elevate me in my fellow TFC clubbies' eyes. Bought some delicious Trader Joe Sweet Chili Sauce, while I was in California!, that I want to drink out of the bottle.

And it's a cute bottle! Happy Chinese New Year.
It's the year of the ox.
Lori said so.


  1. Looks like you had a great time and good food. My husband served a mission in good food from him.

  2. that all looks so yummy!! i love chinese food, maybe because i lived there, it now just always sounds so yummy to me.

    we have a great chinese cook book that actually has one part of the page that is in pinyin, and the other part that is in english!! it was especially great when we lived in china so we could have our maid make something from it and we knew what all the ingrediants were. and now my hubby still uses it quite often (he does most the cooking around here).

  3. Hey! your celebration looks fun! Your food looks yummy, too! My hubby went to Taiwan on his mission, too! He got out his Chinese fans and dolls and wall hangings and decorated the entire house and spoke Chinese all that night! It was so fun!!!

  4. I forgot -
    Would you post you freezer meal recipes? I would love to have something to just pull out of the freezer on extra busy days! What a cool idea to have a freezer meal club! Can I join?

  5. Looks yummy and it looks like everyone had a good time..

  6. Well now I'm just hungry. For Chinese! Not much in the way of cuisine in Alpine unless I cook. And there is a choice - cook or sew. You know what I choose to do. Hmmm there is a good take out place in Draper. I wish they delivered.

  7. Des, do you know where that picture of the little girl comes from? Looks familiar. Yum Yum food!

  8. Desi will also be making this meal for us at our next retreat! Shelto and I will be serving cold cereal and burnt toast for breakfast.....