Friday, February 12, 2010

Quick Trip

I love when I can dovetail my life.
A little business trip.
A little quilt store shopping on the way home.

Just saw a few pieces I didn't want to live without.
I have dreams of covering some aqua chairs
with this Anna Maria Horner Home Dec. fabric.

But I'm still in an Orange state of mind.
Maybe I'll paint the chairs orange...........

Who can go wrong with Pez?

An old piece of Uptown!!!

This is the most delicious yellow/green/grey I have ever seen.
It's Anna Griffin Flora Collection.

Little $1 roll-ups just calling my name.
Hello there.

I think this is a great way to start out my 3 day weekend!
Here's to sewing all weekend!!


  1. You crack me up! Love those pics of you and the fabric. Especially the one with the yellow/green fabric.

  2. hahahahaha... Isn't that WHY we travel so we can find new fabrics?


  3. I love when you post - it always makes me smile!! Happy weekend to you too!

  4. Uptown AND Pez?? You scored! Where did you get to go??
    Happy Sewing Weekend!

  5. It's a very cool quilt store in a tiny, tiny obscure Idaho town, Rupert. But she has like 10,000 bolts of fabric or something like that. I was there for 2 hours just wondering with my little shopping cart!

  6. You look sooooo happy LOL I do wish we had a fabric store near us there is nothing like going into a shop and being able to have a fondle of fabric, much better than picking it out on a computer.

  7. Ah, sewing all weekend...sounds like a good plan!

  8. oh my goodness those pictures cracked me up!! hah

  9. Just browsing because I've discovered that now that I have my mother's sewing machine (and I've figured out how to run it!)that I am addicted to fabric. I think that the best way to channel this addiction has to be quilting. Love the pics of the fabric oogling! That's exactly how I look on every trip to Hancock or JoAnns.

  10. your hilarious and oh those fabrics. can i come shopping in what i know is practically a full-stocked fabric store at your house. and then you can teach me what to do with them?