Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Quick and Easy Valentine Advent

 February 1st is just a few days away!

I thought I would throw together a very simple 
advent for some young, college lovebirds.  

Since fabric is what I always have on hand, 
I went with making a tube of fabric. 
I'm only putting in a couple of kisses per day. 
It's the thought that counts, people. 

Cut a strip of fabric 6 1/2 " x 42ish. 
Fold in half, right sides together.
Now it's 3 1/4" x 42"ish.
Sew along the bottom and up the side.
Leave the top open. 
Turn inside out. 
Press under the raw edge for a clean finish. 
Now we have a tube with one end open. 

I decided to go with a joke a day 
and a couple of kisses. 
Simple, remember. 
Jokes from here.
Okay, I threw in a Panda Express card 
for ONE day.  :) 

Drop your kisses and joke and then tie it off.
Drop in your next batch of kisses and joke and tie. 
See the pattern?

The joke was a little tricky to get in there 
because it's not heavy like the kisses. 
So I pretended I was in 1989 and putting on panty hose.
 (does anyone remember wearing panty hose?)
Scrunched up the long part on my hand 
and then slipped the joke in. 

For the topper I just made a little quilt sandwich, straight stitched and then cut out a heart shape with a cookie cutter. 
 I like the raw edge look.  I sewed the heart on the top of my tube. 
Cut a little tie for the back, hot glued it on for hanging. 

I love LOVE. 
Happy Valentine's Day.

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