Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feel the Love

This was to be a
simple little valentine
for a couple of my kids.
A few of us sleep with a warm bag every night
because we are sooo cold.

You heat this in the microwave for 4 minutes,
then stick it in your bed,
then get ready for bed
& when you get in,
it's toasty warm.

Yes, I have heard of electric blankets.
I prefer to pretend I'm Laura Ingalls. :)
So a couple of weeks ago,
I threw their bags down the stairs,
hubby wasn't quite ready to catch
& splat
they split open. :(

So I grabbed some favorite scraps &
stitched a little love note to them.
Sewed up the sides.

Now it's ready to be filled
with field corn.
I like this better than rice,
not crazy about moist rice.
Just a preference.
You can get a big bag of field corn
at the farm store. cheap.
Fill 3/4's full.

Tuck the ends in,
stitch &
it's done.

Unfortunately Mr. Nosy noticed.
"Is that for me?"

Yes! It's for you.
Couldn't make him wait.

Their new bags were really cute,
so I wanted a new one
out of
the Apple Girl!

Did I mention the kids
get confused?
They think my bag is their bag?
I don't think we'll have confusion
with these fabrics.

And just so there's no question about it.
This one is...

If you'd like to make a warm bag,
there are simple directions here or it's on the side bar,
under Free Goodies at the bottom.


  1. Cute idea! I need a BIG one though - CA king sized bed and I want ALL of it warm. :)

  2. Oh that is a neat idea I had never thought of! Yours turned out so cute...and I also never thought of field corn...I made a couple hand warmers one with rice and one with beans...and you are right the rice gets a little moist feeling.

  3. Oh so cute....I think I need one for my toes at night! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Good idea to warm up the bed. I have made them for hand warmers and for my mum and dad with arthritis. I put buckwheat in mine.

  5. I just LOVE this... we have one that we purchased with rice in it and it is helpful when you have pulled a muscle or some other ailment it seems we get with getting older. I am totally wanting to make these though for our beds!! THANK YOU!

  6. Great idea! Thanks for the instructions :-)

  7. Oh I love those! I have made them with rice, but feed corn is a great idea. and you can get so much at little cost. I am weird about electric blankets I always think I am going to get zapped!!

  8. funny....mine. love it. I like to pretend that I'm eleanor and maryanne from sense and sensibility and it's super cold. i like to be cold at night, but not my feet so this is perfecto!

  9. Very cute.

    I solved the problem of cold sheets years ago...I have an electric mattress cover. I turn it on when I go upstairs and it warms everything up nice while I'm washing and getting into my jammies. I turn it off when I crawl under the blankets. Hubby is a fireman and does not like electric blanket type things on when we sleep.

  10. just discovered your page. great ideas. thanks. Aurea Gillis. I am not a blogger, yet,

  11. I make these with rice but make an inner bag of muslin and segment(fill a little sew across) it to keep it evenly distributed. The out bag ties at one end so you can wash the cover. Rice is great when you need a warm moist heat-muscle aches and sinus aches, etc.. Ive never thought about corn though and bed warming.

  12. Those are tooooo cute!!! Can I be one of your children???

  13. Please adopt me too,,,you are one fab the mine one lol

  14. Wow! thank was so cute.Thanks for the idea, maybe I should try this as well.

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  15. I love this !!!!!!!!!
    i will go to make one, nowwwww!!!!