Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh Be My Valentine Tutorial

We make these every year.
I guess it's a 'love'ly tradition.
Fun to make; great project for kids for
Valentine's or Mother's Day. Fun party favor.
You can do any shape, any theme, any color.
Sweet to give & easy to mail.


-Scalloped scissors
-Vellum sheets
-Hole Punch 1/16" or 1/8"
-24 inches of 1/8" ribbon
-Scrapbook paper
-Needle w/ large eye (embroidery)
-Flat candy: m&m's, red hots, or skittles

Lightly trace or draw a heart.

Write your message on the back of the scrapbook paper.

Place the vellum under the scrapbook paper.
With both pieces together,
cut about about 3/8" away from the line around the heart.
Where the heart dips, just do the best you can,
it doesn't have to go down that much.
Then punch holes on the line through both layers.
About 1/4" apart.
Erase the pencil line.
Thread your needle with the ribbon.
Leave about a 4" tail on top.
And sew.

Stop about here, put your finger in, to make a little room.

Put the m&m's in.
It holds about 17.
Sew up the opening.

Since I have vinyl for the zippered bag (which I'm going to start any minute now),
I thought I'd try a heart with it. I like it.
Not as easy as the vellum, but cute.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial - those are really cute!! Almost too pretty to rip open to get to the candy. :-)

  2. How cute! Thank you for the tutorial!

  3. What a great idea, thanks for the tutorial!

  4. Look at you, writing a tutorial!! I'm so proud. Who's going to eat all the red M&M's?????

  5. This is great!! I am going to use these for my 4 children (and hubby too!)! I was looking for something quick and easy - found it!!! Thank you :)
    Happy Valentine's Day :)

  6. I love these! I was looking for something cool to make for my DH, and this will be perf. If I get real ambitious I am going to make them for my kids also, but we'll see. Thanks for the idea!

  7. Very sweet Corrie. What a great idea.

  8. Perfect! I am SO going to do this with my 8yo grandson over the next couple of evenings. Thank you!

  9. Aren't those the sweetest things! Oh, my too cute!

  10. SOOO Cute! I wish you were still my vt, I remember getting one of these from you! Your awesome!

  11. Awww...that's really sweet!

  12. LOVE, love these Valentines! I made these for my childrens' teachers and I had all the supplies on hand. So very cute and easy! Thanks for the tutorial!

  13. What a easy and great idea, thanks for the tutorial! !!!