Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fat Quarter Pack Thursdays!

Fabric is in the air and we're ready for our first official Fat Quarter Thursday giveaway. Using the ever scientific way of drawing for a prize, I wrote down all the names of the comments, gave you each a number, called my hubby and told him to pick a number between 1-25. I love science. I know, some people take cute pictures of some cute child or stuffed goodie drawing the name out of a hat. That won't be happening here, people. Without any further adieu, 4 lucky fat quarters are on their way to Number 11........................Pieces!! Congratulations!! Cute little easter eggs!! You go girl!
So, I'm thinking next Thursday, we'll do the same thing. I'll watch for your posts, write them down, call my hubby and VOILA, Fat Quarters could be on their way to you. All in the name of science.
One word of advice: If you don't have an acct. with blogger, we will need some way of contacting you, somehow. How sad, if you're a winner and we can't find you. Then I'll just have to keep them and make some coasters. :)


  1. The blog is looking GREAT! I plugged you today on my blog!

  2. Absolutely love this quilt. Just another great idea that I can use for a baby quilt. Maybe someday I will be blessed with grandchildren! Thanks again!

  3. What a really cute website and seen your post on etsy :) Best of luck to you.