Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's Like Childbirth

1. It's painful
2. It's worth it
3. I'd do it again!

Here's a peek at a Simplicity Vintage Baby Quilt -- love, love, love it. All of those squares were pinned on & I kept getting stabbed (should have used a glue stick). But it's worth it. I'll get a better picture, but I had to show someone. It's going to be adorable! (I'll have kits as soon as I get this done.) ~Corrie


  1. Ohhh that IS cute! I haven't even started mine yet. :( Yes, more pictures please!

  2. It's really lovely. I love the simple designs...possibly because they're about all I can manage, but simpleis classic and beautiful.

  3. Oh it's lovely. I've been searching all evening for something like that, I even drew it out in bible study,lol, isn't that funny. Finally at nearly 11 pm I come here and BAM there it is.

    So sweet and delicate.
    I need something like that in a big girl size.
    hugs to you

  4. love the post.. you ARE

  5. Your post made me laugh!! Sweet baby quilt!

  6. You are soooo right! Complete pain in the arms from all the pins and I may do it again. The look on my friend's face when she opened it........yeah I would probably do it again.