Thursday, April 10, 2008

Martha would be Proud!

In between, working on my quilt, filling fabric orders, homeschooling my children, serving the weary and preparing dinner, I MADE THIS! Monkey Birthday! Martha would approve, I just know it. Happy Birthday, Little 'Harry'.

Got the idea out of Martha Stewart Kids magazine. I was so excited to find this magazine; it was love at first sight & totally on my skill level. Her Living magazine is just not my speed -- #1 I don't cook, #2 I don't live that lifestyle. So this Kids magazine was perfect. I subscribed, got my first issue & they decided to not publish it anymore. So I bought up all I could find on eBay & garage sales. [Taffy note: I've got six matching School issues that I've been hoarding (didn't know what to do with them, til now), I'll give them to you guys when it's closer to September.] ~Corrie


  1. THAT is adorable!! I think I'M going to have a monkey birthday! Uh.....does your dear sister have a copy of the not to be missed martha school Kids issue??? I think not. Remember, it's always good to bring a gift when visiting. I think the quote goes something like, "Only fish stinks worse after 3 days". :)