Thursday, May 29, 2008

I had no choice

I was listening to all the suggestions on the comments. I was enjoying them. Making mental notes and choosing carefully what free music I wanted to listen to next. And then I listened to her playlist. I was transported back to 1983. Steve and I were sitting in A&W. I skipped Seminary to go with him. (Seminary=Sunday School during the week AT your local high school.) Oh, the 80's and it's music.

Rachel, you win. You just plain win. No random drawing, no number picking. You win. You're WAY to young to be listening to Dead or Alive and The Psychedelic Furs. Adam Ant, The Pet Shop Boys....what are you trying to do to me?? You have no idea the emotions that you are playing with. They won't be on my playlist because I can't 'go there' on a daily basis but it was sure fun for a few minutes today. Tell me how much you LOVED Pretty in Pink??!! Love Mascalon for introducing me to Eva Cassidy. Actually, they were all great suggestions. But Rachel wins. I had no choice. Contact Corrie (check our About Us info at the top of blog) with your address and choice of panel.

I'm coming out of my 80's fog and I just needed to say that today I had a light bulb moment. If you don't have young kids, or if you're not sitting around waiting for some grandkids (KB), you should make one of these cute little driving/flying panels for your Church nursery!!! Be A Good Human and call it a day! ~Des


  1. Seriously!!?! I won!! I NEVER win. I'm pretty sure that everyone says that. But YEAH!!

    I ♥LOVE LOVE LOVE♥ the movie Pretty In Pink, I have it on both DVD & VHS plus the music cd's. Oh and lets not forget sixteen candles. I am such an 80's freak. I miss the 80's the music & the movies are just not the same now days. Sigh.. Okay I am getting long and windy here so I'm going to jet.

    ANYWAY THANKS SO MUCH!! My Son Corbin is going to love you.


  2. Congrats Rachel! My husband is an 80s music junkie. Enjoy your music Des.

  3. Congratulations Rachel!
    Happy FRIDAY everyone! :D
    cjnid at niwb dot net

  4. So glad Eva Cassidy was someone new to you. I love the store and will send a photo of the quilt that comes out of the last few charm backs! Oh and I so love Pretty in Pink too, great choice!