Thursday, May 1, 2008

It Could Be All About Rhino's

Can you believe that Corrie thinks I make you jump through too many hoops to win fabric?? Just because she doesn't have time to read blogs and comments and make comments on other blogs doesn't mean I don't have the time! I like to be entertained while I read. She thinks you should just be able to post, "Hi. Cute blog. I want to win fabric. Pick me!" and then we all move on our merry way. Well, folks I just can't pass up May 1st as Mother Goose Day. I mean we need to talk about this. I think you should have to tell me something about Mother Goose and/or one of her stories in order to win fabric. Corrie doesn't. I think you should have to work for free stuff. I think we should all use our brains more and stretch and grow the neurons. ?? What?? I'm just trying to be helpful to you and your cerebral cortex.

So put your thinking caps on to pay tribute to a great lady, Mother Goose. It is her day, you know. They even made FABRIC to honor her. Show some respect! I'll draw for a winner later tonight.

Before you complain too much, you could be posting about rhino's. Yes, May 1st is Save the Rhino Day. A day to encourage us to be aware and support efforts to save the Rhino. ~Des


  1. Hi, Cute blog. I want to win fabric. Pick me. :-)


    The Cat and the Fiddle by Mother Goose

    Hey diddle diddle,
    The cat and the fiddle
    The Cow jumped over the moon.
    The little dog laughed to see such sport
    And, the dish ran away with the spoon!

    So........... pick me! :-)

  2. What a fun idea to pay tribute to the Mother of all nursery rhymes. Growing up, some of my favorite nursery rhyme characters were Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, and Little Jumping Joan. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. When I had my first baby 18 years ago (wow, it really has gone by fast), I bought a Mother Goose book; and we started reading it to Amy as soon as she could hold up her head! I love Mother Goose....

  4. I have a little rhyme for you...

    As I was going to St. Ives,
    I met a man with seven wives;
    Every wife had seven sacks,
    Every sack had seven cats,
    Every cat had seven kits;
    Kits, cats, sacks, and wives,
    How many were there going to St. Ives?

    I know the answer, do you???

  5. Old Mother Hubbard
    went to the cupboard
    to fetch some cloth and a pin
    when she got there
    the cupboard was bare
    so she cried "oh I hope I win!"

    (this week's fabric giveaway)

    Pick me please! :)

  6. As an early elementary teacher and now homeschooling mommy, I have always enjoyed Mother Goose. One rhyme that sticks in my head at this moment is Wee Willy Winkie, just because of the reaction my girls had the first time they realized he was running through town in his p.j.'s! They thought that was hilarious!

    Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town,
    Upstairs and downstairs in his nightgown,
    Rapping at the window, crying through the lock,
    "Are the children in their beds, for now it's eight o'clock?"

  7. I remember dressing up as Little Bo Peep one year (long ago!) for Halloween. I'm glad that we are able to pay tribute to someone who makes childhood magical!

  8. I think one of my earliest memories was learning to read with my mum out of my mother goose books! My favorite was always "hickory dickory dock". Now I have my own kids and they love mother goose as well, and I'm sure their children(if they have any!) will too!

    wiredalive at hotmail dot com

  9. I found the following quoted as the original Mother Goose rhyme:

    Old Mother Goose
    When she wanted to wander
    Would fly through the air
    On a very fine gander.

    Mother Goose had a house;
    It stood in the wood
    Where an owl at the door
    As sentinel stood.

    This dates back to 1600's. Sometimes I feel about that old.

    What I love about Mother Goose is that I remeber the rhymes from my childhood, form telling my kids and now my grandkids.

  10. Zum gali gali gali,
    Zum gali gali.
    Zum gali gali gali,
    Zum gali gali.

    this is mother goose....
    i wonder who was doing her housework???? lol

  11. The one my little granddaughter loves is Rock-a-bye baby but we have to stop after "the cradle will rock" because she is a little tenderheart and she would be broken hearted to think the cradle would drop!! She loves to rock her baby dolls while we sing this:
    Rock-a-bye, baby,
    In the tree top:
    When the wind blows,
    The cradle will rock.
    Thanks Jane (guileys at bellsouth dot net)

  12. Love your blog and what a great contest! I could rattle off a rhyme but then it would get stuck in my head all day (just like the Barney song I was singing yesterday) so how about a fact?

    "The fact is that "Mother Goose" rhymes are from many sources, passed down in folklore fashion (some even written by famous authors) and perpetuated by publishers, frequently without author attribution."

    Happy Mother "Geese" day!

  13. I love Mother Goose Rhymes because they're classics. I even have Mary Engelbreit's Mother Goose collection downloaded on my computer for when it sits idle. There's the cow jumping over the moon and the fork and the spoon, etc...that's really cute.

  14. I really enjoyed Motherr Goose when I was young. (Not that many years ago) I do remember though that I always wondered how the cow was able to jump far enough to jump over the moon. Just one of those little things that a young child wonders about. I would love to win this fabric to go with my collection of fabrics to put in my I spy books. How cute would that be? Pick me! Pick me! Thanx

  15. Reading Mother Goose rhymes to young children helps increase their reading and MATH skills-this is because of the patterns in the rhymes. I've never actually tried it out, but I'm a reading specialist and that's what the reading gurus say :)
    Love to win!!! I'm addicted to fabric!!

  16. Oh, how fun! I'm so happy to have found you wonderful Quilt Taffy people!!

    ~~~Mother Goose~~~

    Where I lived as a child was Aberdeen, SD, a wonderful little town :) There was a park there called StoryBook Land, it was full of colorful child friendly statues of practically all the storybook characters you could think of, even a full size castle right in the middle. Oh how I miss it!! In fact we were planning a trip back there for this summer to take the kiddos for the first time. But to our wonderful surprise we are going to welcome baby #4 due 4th of July. StoryBook Land will have to wait another year....

    see it here :)

  17. Mother who?? That was a very long time ago...I don't have children. But I do remember my Mother Goose book. And especially:

    Old Mother Hubbard
    went to the cupboard to
    fetch her poor doggy a bone.
    When she got there
    the cupboard was bare
    and the poor doggy had none.

    I didn't want the poor doggy to be hungry! This upset me so very much that my Mom had my brother draw a juicy bone in the illustration of the cupboard.

    True story...did that tug at your heartstrings enough to pick me? :)

  18. I should really start reading Mother Goose to my little ones - definitley something that got read to me often as a child. And if I got the book I could get more of the rhymes straight without racking my brain. One of my favorites would be:
    Mary Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden grow? With cockle-shells, and silver bells, And pretty maids all in a row.

  19. Your blog is darling! I go "ga ga" for the fabric! Mother Goose is a favorite of mine. I was appalled to learn that my 5th/6th grade students couldn't recite any Mother Goose poems when I was teaching! Well, I took care of that!

    I may be too late to win fabric, but I don't want to miss out on the fun with Mother Goose.

    Oh how I adore Little Boy Blue and Little Jack Horner...I always felt sad for Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater, and for Wee Willy Winkie.

    Ah! But my all time favorite is Wink'n Blink'n and great!

    Thanks for the nostalgia!