Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Portland Here We Come! Need Advice~

We're off to Quilt Market next week just like the rest of the quilting world. I know it sounds like a lot of fun and it will BE, but it's also super overwhelming to peruse all the goodies everywhere and not be able to BUY IT ALL. So we try to pick and choose very carefully. Corrie Dawn works really hard to keep Quilt Taffy in the black! That's why she never goes for my idea of $50 giveaways everyday. Sheesh!

So we need your help. If you wouldn't mind checking out these manufacturers and letting us know what strikes your fancy, what you can't live without, what you would BUY :) , what you will make, what you want to make, what you want to eat while your making it.....oh wait, different theme, never mind. It'll almost be like we're shopping together. Can you feel it?? Check out Moda, Free Spirit, Westminster, Michael Miller. Those are our favorites and most friendly. If you've seen something in a magazine, advertisement, or blog, let us know what looks interesting.

Back to food.....we will want to eat in Portland. We're not into fasting for days. Any good suggestions? I wish we were staying here. We're not. That's what Hampton Inns are for. Hey, maybe you'll be at Market. We should meet up. We could meet on aisle 700 at booth 633 at 4pm. ;) I hope it's the Japanese folks. LOVE their stuff, very expensive. ~Des


  1. I've got some suggestions for places to eat! Sounds crazy but IKEA has a yummy and CHEAP breakfast, not to mention it is fun to walk around and look at the store! One of my fav places to go in Portland is Gustav's www.gustavs.net, they have an awesome "happy hour" menu, the prices are the best and the food is yummy....another is, Laurelwood Public House & Brewery, www.laurelwoodbrewpub.com excellent food as well and they are only a block apart!

    About fabric...Michael Miller...love the Ginger Blossom (thanks for the free fat quarter by the way)...Free Spirit, love Flirt and Sweet Escape and Westminister, anything Amy Butler..have fun!!

  2. I'd like a large Moda Nest collection, a medium Free Spirit Drawing room, an order of Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller's new line that's going to debut called "Farmers Market", and a hot apple pie.

    If only it were that easy ;o). All those fabrics are great and those are my favorite companies so have fun in Portland!

  3. Since I frequently horrify both of you with my fabric choices, I am probably NOT the one to ask about which lines you should consider! However, here are a few: Nest by Tula Pink (Moda); Olive Rose (Free Spirit); August Fields (Amy Butler, Westminster); and anything by Martha Negley (Westminster).

  4. ok I could go on and on, by the way wish I was going with you. I have now spent several hours looking through fabric on the internet can't even imagine what quilt market is like. I love Sole by Free spirit, Ginger Blossum in Flannel, and what can I say about the Japanese, could I have everything they have, my favorites are Calme, My Folklore, French Antique, Color Basics the polk a dots are to die for, Arizona Rabbit, and Mrs March in white taupe and Mrs March in antique the pastels and of course anything Amy Butler, from Moda I love Nest and I am always partial to Three Sisters Peace on Earth and for fun pumpkins gone wild. well have fun!!!!!! will look forward to your report P.S. thanks for the fabric

  5. How cool that we can SHOP with you. Going to look at the sites now. So whose house is that? What a beautiful setting that is.

    Back in a few.
    cjnid at niwb dot net

  6. Okay, that was totally overwhelming! I can't imagine seeing them all in person :0 I have trouble when I go to a quilt show and they have 'some' fabric for sale. NOTHING like you will experience. I saw NOTHING new at the MM site. The new Kaffe Fasset is wild! Not sure how I would use it but WOW! Fun stuff there, and I am not even a WILD, BRIGHT fabric lover. Moda, Moda, Moda...I can envision so many quilts from their new stuff. Sheesh, I should get busy with what I have on hand...ya think? I don't think I was helpful at all.

    And what is WRONG with daily $50 give aways??? ;)

    cjnid at niwb dot com

  7. Oh yea...Olive Rose is LOVERLY!


  8. one of your kits for Isn't Xmas Jolly. Dog Weiner & Dog Dots is sweet. all colors of the large florals in Georgina are beautiful. with the small print. if you find an old Flea Market Fancy of the Black Aqua Dots (D1418-265) i would so be happy. ditto on IKEA. but for me it's the salmon dinner & bringing home the frozen meatballs.

  9. You ladies are so lucky to get away and be surrounded in what you obviously love the most, beautiful fabric. Hope you have a great time and bring back lots of fun new ideas for us to see. I love Sandi Henderson's new line, can't wait to see what you make out of it! Allison

  10. Well kids I grew up in Portland...Though the good eats are better now I think! There is a great street market on the east side under the Burnside bridge and the vendors have amazing food stands. THough Saturday Market is one thing you could spend the day at--and only open on Saturday and Sunday. The shopping is fabuulous! Those being prime days for Market walking you might try McMenamins for a good meal. There are several locations, but the food is always really good pub/grill food. Look them up when you are there.
    The Chinese food and Vietnamese food restaurants are generally really great in Portland too.

    I will be walking Market and meeting a few people there from textile companies and distributors. I am bringing the kids to visit my parents while I walk market--work for me, fun for the kids. Well, fun for me too! ;)

  11. Love the new line Portugal, and 1974 by Moda. Pretty much love all of Michael Miller stuff, can I get a side order of Free Spirit???? :)

  12. I wouldn't be the person to ask about what to buy.I'm the woman who runs from one maker to another stuffing my carts (yes I said CART-S) with everything I see. I'm not sure how anyone can look at one,and walk away without taking a few choice pieces along the way. That is why I have 40 quilt tops finished,10 plastic drawers[plus more in hidey-holes around the house--I pray hubby doesn't look in the trunk of my car--full of fabric],and still can't pass a quilt store,.com site,or even go to Wal-Mart without walking out with still more in my arms.Hubby just shakes his head,says, "why don't you quilt some of them.I just bought you the frame/machine", before starting yet another top.I love to quilt, but I love piecing much more--because you have to have more fabric to design it--RIGHT??? Bring us back loads of fun, and ideas for our next project!We'll keep coming back for more!!