Thursday, July 3, 2008

Jacqueline is Queen

See? More Rhyming. I love it. Lucky Number 24, Jacqueline. I like to pretend I'm french and say it over and over. Contact Corrie with your email and mailing address (upper right hand corner) and these Ava Rose beauties will be on there way to you. They are soooo gorgeous. Whatever will I make? Thanks for sharing your plans. I read each and every one and I also go check out your blog! You're a creative bunch. Have a wonderful 4th Of July, whether you're American or not!


  1. The 4th will be full of sewing - the rest of the weekend is family fun

  2. Like earth visitor, sewing, sewing and sewing I hope with a little bit of embroidery thrown in. I am working on putting a cute cupcake on a onesie for a friends new baby girl. it is beyond cute!

  3. Congratulations Jacqueline! Enjoy those beautiful fabrics.
    I don't think I will get to sew until Monday. I might squeeze in time to trace a pattern that I need though. Happy 4th!