Tuesday, August 12, 2008

American Patchwork & Quilting ~ October

Tempting treats for October hit Quilt Taffy. Sugar Free, in fact!
New issue of APQ~
American Patchwork & Quilting!
Let's Trick or Treat together and take a look.....

Feels Like Fall.....Mark autumn’s arrival with a scrappy wall hanging of Flying Geese and pieced pumpkins.

It’s a great way to use up some of your stash.

Oooohhhh....Cottage Garden! This is a table runner by Kim Diehl. Also known as Kimmie Poo Diehl. I basically taught her everything she knows about quilting. Yeah, I'm pretty much the wind beneath her wings, if you must know.

Okay, raise your hand if you'll be getting on THIS bandwagon with me!!! Flying Solo....A triangle is the only shape needed to re-create the center of this vintage quilt. Points of the equilateral triangles will match up perfectly, making stitching a breeze.

Aaaahhhh.....Reach For the Stars.....Take on an intriguing challenge with this stunning Lone Star design. You will have triple the fun making various sizes of different stars to create a spectacular king-size-bed quilt.
Gotta have it! It is Halloween time after all. Well, in October. Let's enjoy the rest of summer, but we quilters are always a season ahead! Tricks & Treats

This quilt 'rounds' things out nicely....Roundabout....by Heather Mulder Peterson -- Anka's Treasures (there's also a big article about her). Create the illusion of circles using only straight seams. In an updated version of the classic Pineapple block, rounds of strips are added in a variety of widths. Contrast in the color and scale of fabrics used creates a distinctive pattern.

And more.......a favorite feature of APQ is their color options with every quilt. I'll say it again. No, I'll sing it from the rooftops....This is my favorite quilt magazine EVER. Even if I never sewed again, these are beautiful to look at and enjoy. The October issue is in the store now. We ship internationally, as well!

If this magazine doesn't have ENOUGH projects for you, with this issue also comes an added insert of Alex Anderson's Piece and Applique the Easy Way.

We're taking Pre-Orders on the new fall Quilts & More and fall Quilt Sampler.

Contact Corrie to reserve a copy. Looks like another winner~!!


  1. Hey! I got mine about a week ago, and it didn't come with that extra insert.. what's up with that? Oh well.
    I agree with you.. this is a fabulous quilting magazine. I just keep the stack next to the bed, and look at one every night before closing my peepers. I love that triangle quilt too.. and have looked at it 50 times already.

    Thanks for the fun review!

  2. I've gotta make the triangle quilt. I was just talking with Kim at Kim's QUilting Adventure blog about my lost triangle quilt. Where could that have gone? How does that happen? I will need to make another because its gone. I made it several years ago with stripes in the triangles and it was lovely. I gotta get the magazines.

  3. Ohhh. Pretty! Applique the Easy Way, huh. I may just have to see about that! I would love to applique, but have absolutely NO idea how...Have a great day! And my new machine should be here today!

  4. Well I forgot all about you gals having the magazines and during my horrible, no good, mind numbing weekend, I treated myself to that very magazine! I needed something to do while in the ER for hours. I really like the triangle quilt, that lone star shown on the bed - NO WAY!! I think it is beautiful but really, for me - NO WAY!