Wednesday, August 6, 2008


......of a broken dishwasher. My favorite Disney Pinocchio glass.
My BIG mug.... sans handle now.
My white dishes that have lasted EIGHT years........until now.

Man, if my children thought I was upset about the dishwasher breaking.....they sure had a big surprise coming when I saw my Pinocchio glass! Just when I want to completely lose it and yell and scream, not to mention, go buy a NEW dishwasher...........another article came to my rescue. Here's a short quote from it.

The author is talking about preschoolers but perhaps her dishwasher hasn't broken yet.
This applies to tweeners and teens as well.

I’ve learned some of life’s most valuable lessons from preschool children: to greet each day with enthusiasm and eagerness; to pursue adventure despite obstacles; to delight in new discoveries; to enjoy spontaneous fun; to regard the eating of toothpaste and the emptying of sand-filled shoes on the carpet as minor problems, not major catastrophes.

I guess losing a little bit of Pinocchio and some chipped dishes

just brings more character to our dinnertime.

I still can't figure out how they are so careless with MY dishes.


  1. Too true...I had to laugh at the photo though. If it were my kids, they would BOTH be jumping! :) aaagggh!

    BTW, I got my Lily apron pattern this week and can't wait to find time to sew! Thanks so much.
    -Elizabeth M in MA

  2. My dear, I can relate. Here's hoping you get a new dishwasher soon! :)

  3. I can certainly feel your pain. This is why I "prefer" to empty the dishwasher myself. I lost THREE (3)(!!) Fiestaware butter dishes in as many months. Sheesh. I don't know what my teenaged boy youngun' has against Fiestaware butter dishes! Perhaps some professional counseling is needed.

  4. Is it just me or do I think teenagers are capable of sabotage. I know my kids are!

  5. It's OK to be mad and yell at your kids -- it's a character builder for them! (And lets them know that you are not just their mother, you are a human being that can get upset when someone breaks their stuff.....) Just think of the funny stories they'll tell about this time in 10 years. "Remember when we chipped Mom's Pinocchio glass?" Reminds me of when Jimmy cut the cord of my sewing machine (while it was plugged in, mind you......)

  6. Oh you should see my dishes. Chinks and chips and some altogether broken (I even save 'em). I TRY to tell myself they are just THINGS and to take it all in stride. Sometimes I listen to myself and other times I don't.

  7. Boy now I know what to get you for Christmas, no not new kids, how bout new dishes and "Mike" can get you a new dishwasher. Yes the lovely dishwashing by hand bliss is over. Knew it wouldn't last long, but it lasted longer than it would of at my house. Here's hoping for a new dishwasher!!!!!

  8. Ack! Hide the good dishes until the dishwasher is fixed. I would have sat on the floor and cried if I lost a beloved mug. I get so attached. I need to learn your preschooler outlook on life.