Monday, December 15, 2008

Just Call Me Fannie~ A Giveaway

Fannie Photographer, that is.
Now I don't claim to be the next Ansel Adams or even your average photographer with changeable lens', lights and photoshop.
Nope, that's not me.
But in my ever so humble opinion, I took a few cute pictures this year for this
silly blog.
And thank you for humoring me by looking and commenting.

For my posse' this year, that claims to read this blog on occassion, I needed to come up with a cute Christmas idea. I went to
Winkflash and pretty much, IN A FLASH, created these note cards.
Let's bring back the handwritten word and actually use addresses with Mr and Mrs and zip codes!!
I love to say ZIP CODES.
I just chose pictures out of my "blog pics" folder.
I wanted a little quilty,
a little whimsy, and a little crafty. I knew the cards would only be as good as my photos,
but I'm telling ya', they're better!
I was thrilled with the quality.

My hubby is even getting in on the action. These will be going in his stocking.

This is Mike and Marsha's Pumpkin Patch goodies.

He's always complaining he can never find a masculine card in the house. Well, pumpkins = masculine today. Okay, so I didn't realize that his card holder was lined in pink. Oh well, It was the most manly scrapbook paper I had. On Mike's card holder I decided to do a glued ribbon with a velcro closing. Imagine, if he had to actually tie a bow!
Card Holder Packet Thingy

I LOVE these.

They were super easy to make. I made mine out of cardstock scrapbook paper. Perfect!

Idea and directions HERE.

So because I love you and I want to share my fun cards..........I'd like to give away a couple sets of notecards. Nothing to fancy, but just a little from me to you.

Leave a comment.
Let me know your favorite picture from Taffy Talk.
I'll draw later tonight.
Merry Christmas!!


  1. Woo! First one! I think I like the pictures of the felted ball pincushions. They are so colorful, and I liked them so much I bought the kit on Etsy. There are so many neat pictures on your blog though, it's hard to go back and remember. I also liked that vintage apron your friend found, and couldn't figure out how to put on, or even what it was, although I think that was a video and not a picture so it probably doesn't count. Anyhoo, love your crafty card idea, very nice!

  2. What a cute idea! Those cards are great! Wish I would have had this inspiration earlier - I could have made up some cards as well. Hmmmm.
    I think you should make cards of the album cover you gals made for Mamma Mia!
    That CRACKS ME UP! :D

  3. Greetings from Italy :)
    This is my favourite phto:

  4. ahha i love the pictures form here:

    ahha cute!

  5. Three Ends. yes that's my final answer for top pic. how could that not be your fav too. but your Pincushion Tapemeasure and Seam Ripper pic would make a perfect card for giving. it's colorful and simply illustrates what it's all about.

  6. Hi! I love your blog, and being a pincushion fanatic, I'd pick this pic: quiltretreatdriggs 027.jpg

    Thanks for the inspiration and the fantabulous giveaway!

  7. Okay, I love kitchen towels too... so I just wanted to add this to my previous post -- dishtowels2.jpg

  8. There are so many of your pictures i love...I too love the felt pincushion balls, i love the apples on the plates, the stacks of fabric and I know you had pumpkin photos someplace....what a fun idea!

  9. My favorite picture is in your post "I feel Good" Harry all wrapped up, in the quilt, with the cute little smile. What great note cards, I need to vist there. Thanks and have a happy day!

  10. I love a couple of your photos of quilts, BUT the one photo that keeps coming to mind is the UFO you showed a while back. I love the fabs and whant(that is how my 13 yr. old spells it) to buy it from you! Serious. (let's talk) The note cards are cool!

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  12. I love the photo of Yoda in the Advent calender....just a little crazy...

  13. I think the little quilty one is to drool for!!! It's so cute! I love to send mail so I sure hope I win one of these. Love your blog btw.

  14. I like the photos on the retreat. especially the pin cushion ones made out of wool. Linda Gerig

  15. How cool lis that?! I'm going to have to check out that site.Thanks for sharing and for the giveawa. My favorite pictures are the ones of the Home Dec quilt that you made. I LOVE that quilt. I still haven't done mine yet. Here's the link...

    Merry Christmas!

  16. I love the felted rocks photo! Lovely!

  17. what a cool idea, now i think i may have to do that too considerin i just got a new camera...woohoo and for my fav pic, I would have to say any of them from your retreat, I only hope to find a group of wonderful gals like you have found, such a wonderful thing to have and be able to share. I thank you for sharin with us.

  18. As a thrilled recipent of Desi's cards, I simply can't pick a favorite photo. Desi has a great eye -- photography is an art form too!

  19. Thanks for the giveaway...I have to say..we enjoyed the pics of your gingerbread house because my daughter was required to make one in her foods class and we used some of your ideas from your house...Jingle!

  20. Yep.. the felted pincushion balls are one of my fav pictures along with the little movie clip when you guys were trying to put them on the rock wall and one of them rolled down the hill..that was too funny!!
    I would love to win one of the craft cards they are sooo adorable!! Thank you!

  21. oh how fun!!!
    those are the cutest cards.

    here are a few of my favs:
    the vintage baby quilt with the monkey.
    the 'remember me when you see this' that says mother.
    the bridget & rebecca shoes.

    there's SO many i like. lol.

  22. Definitely my favorite photo is the ham sandwich! Wow, with the yummy looking bread, the perfect coloration in the ham and set off with freshly ground pepper, it would make anyone drool!

  23. Masculine card and pink - if anything is said, just look sideways at him, and say "Real men aren't threatened by Pink," But be aware that in the future he might require a touch of pink, just to show that he is a "real man".

    My favorite photo of the 4 cards posted would have to be the first with the basket and wrapped gifts, and the Double Wedding Ring in the background.

    Favorite photo on your blog would have to be - Vintage Baby quilt you posted in April'08. Loved the title of post "Its like childbirth", the pastel colors almost (for a minute) made me want a baby to sew for. I've been checking in ever since.

  24. I hope I am not too late to participate in the giveaway. The cards are such a great idea. I think the cake stand pictures with the apples would be great on the cards. I think it is the Oct.28 entry.

  25. Oh Des, this one is easy - the picture of all of you in your aprons out in the yard dancing! What great cards - I'm with you - let's rekindle the "snail-mail" thing!

  26. I love my cards!!!!!!!!!!

  27. How fun are those cards! I agree that old-fashioned mail is wonderful. I loved your raggy ribbon quilt and the pictures of it. Merry Christmas!