Friday, December 5, 2008

New Stocking Stuffer for ME~

While making 26 more of these yesterday, I watched this film.
I adored it.
I'm no film critic. But I loved the music, the water, the characters, the storyline. It was clean and uplifting. I mean, these people have problems, don't we all? Well, I do. And I was moved by how they lived with their choices and overcame. If you 'do' Netflix, you can watch it instantly! I think I might need to watch it again today while I finish up some binding. This is a quilting blog afterall as CJ likes to remind me. Don't worry I won't be posting any Bella Workout Videos.
But I might have picked up a slight spanish accent.
I'm only here to serve.....


  1. 26 in one day!!! Wow...the most I've made is 9 in one day...and I didn't even finish them all! Amazing!

  2. Okay, Sherri, I don't want to mislead.....I am MAKING 26 baskets. I didn't say they were finished. :) But I've got it streamlined and a system and it's going well. And with my Bella playing beside me, I'll be sure to finish them any day now.

  3. That looks like a good movie. Thanks for the heads up. And I never take adavantage of the Netflix instant watch feature. I think I will with this movie!

  4. Ha ha girly - calling me out like that. But HEY you did say you were working on something quilty and binding while watching the movie. That works for me ;) I was really looking forward to the Bella Workout Video though. How about Mamma Mia with the spanish accent. Looking up the movie now and will put it in my queue. Thanks!

  5. Looks good. I'd love to see all the baskets.

  6. I've never heard of that movie, but your little video clip made me want to go rent it!! And what's "Netflix"??

  7. i think i will go find that movie. if you like movie music you should watch "Once". it's got subtitles. but the music is "bella".

  8. awesome movie
    I saw it awhile ago
    I love cryhappy endings

  9. Bella here I come!!! is it out on video or do I also have to go to Netflix thanks shelto