Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Moda to come....

There's so much to choose from .... did you know Moda comes out with ~ 9 to 12 different fabric lines per MONTH? There's more than what is shown here coming, but wanted to show you the highlights.

Moda Fabrics' Bake Shop has a Sweets Box for you.

It contains two honey buns that make two cute purses. I've been told some are coming mid-January & some mid-February. There will be 2 different box sets. Retails<$20, includes the two buns & pattern.

If you liked the Swell line, this is sweeter. -- coming in February -- Sweet by Urban Chiks.

A quilt kit from Sultry by basicgrey -- coming in February.
Arriving in February -- Harmony by Jan Patek

We'll have kits of these quilts. The wedding ring pattern is amazing. Those are stars where the rings meet. Great basket quilt. "I've always wanted a basket quilt." I say that to Des at least once a year. I'll have to make my own.

Flag Day Farm -- February -- I'm excited about these pieces ~ they are panels or cheater cloth or printed blocks, whatever you would like to call them. The panel is the width of the fabric & then it has the zig zag going down both sides. There is a light design on the fabric which is perfect for machine quilters or hand quilters to follow.

I can see this flapping in the wind, from my porch. Love a cute porch.

I like to make the neighbors roll their eyes -- direct quote "Where did she get that? Did she make it?" They won't know it's cheater cloth. I can justify that being out in the sun & wind.

Red or Navy, Red or Navy?
I choose RED. But I like how the navy looks antiquey.

And there's bunting too.

New American Jane patterns.... and her Snippets, paper doll fabric -- March.

Here's a peek at Wonderland from Momo (Japan) coming in March. Fun prints & twill fabric. Will be perfect for totes & more. Momo.

That's all for now....there's a bunch of other stuff coming in January (some Hello Betty, Twiggy....) What do you like?


  1. I think I'm becoming an American Jane addict. And I keep promising myself I'll make a basket quilt.

    Love these!

  2. i like that you have let us in on your little secret. & i love Harmony and Wonderland.

  3. Wow, Moda never ceases to amaze me. I've always loved the Urban Chick stuff. This one is sure to be another fav of mine! Thanks for sharing the info.

  4. I just like to say MoMo alot. It's going to be my word of the day.

    AND I love the American Jane stuff. AND I want sweet buns.

  5. I love it all! You're such a tease! . . . . . must start saving now. . . . Sorry kiddos of mine, no dinner for you tonight.

  6. Love the Basic Grey. Probably because I like to scrapbook? All of that fabric looks wonderful!

  7. I love the wonderland MoMo can't wait to see all the new stuff!!!!!!

  8. Lots of fun stuff coming. I really like the Japanese fabrics.

  9. The Moda Bake Shop looks interesting, although I've never worked with Buns or Jelly Rolls. I'm a late bloomer I guess. But...I love the japanese fabric! I'll have to scrimp on my grocery buying and save for some of these wonderful items. Rae Ann

  10. We have to choose?? Can't they ALL be our favorites?? What line is used for that cute purse at the top? I think Des should make a basket quilt for you - is she ignoring your hints???

  11. oohhh! i like the urban chicks sweet line!! can't wait till that come out in Feb!! thanks for sharing! :)

  12. I was just looking at the Sweet by Urban Chicks on the Moda Bakery site! I must have lots and lots of those fabrics. I can't wait!!!!! Do you think it will be here before Valentine's Day?