Wednesday, March 25, 2009

coincidence or destiny

Shopping at the fabric store Saturday with the girls, needed pins, pioneer patterns & pellon. We're standing a long time in the checkout line, so I start perusing the magazines. There's this really cool one -- Somerset Studio. I'm flipping through reading the entire thing & showing the pictures to everyone standing in line. Loving the projects of the cover artist as well as all the others. There were these darling collages, prints, doll dresses, little girl head boxes...and more.

Me: "Don't you love this?" The girls: "Yes."

Me: "I really think you guys should buy this for inspiration. Put it on your board. Look how neat these are."

Them: big pause...."No, not right now." I rolled my eyes. I really wanted to buy it for me. I have a thing for paper, fabric & little dolls. I just don't have any time. And I have plenty of magazines.

It's spring break this week. Yesterday, I had two hours to kill while the kids were at the movies. Again, I was right there by the fabric store.

Me: "I'm right by the store, do you want me to go buy that magazine?" Bella: "I really like it, I don't know." Ugh....I think I just wanted adolescent permission to buy it.

Well, last night danitashop bought a charm pack from my etsy store. Bella likes to scope everyone out. "MOTHER! Does this look familiar?"

danitashop is the cover artist for the magazine. Now I have her address, would you like it? Just joking, Danita.

Pictures from her blog (hope she doesn't mind, I need to email her):

Well, I am buying that magazine tomorrow -- if it's still there, it will be our giveaway for Thursday or you can have your pick of any other pattern or magazine.

See, now I have permission & justification.


  1. That is wild! There are no coincidences.

    BTW, I was one of those poopy commenters (my own words) that thought you should throw it away. I guess I just thought the time it would take to re-do the whole deal wasn't worth it. Anyway, I'm sure you are happy to just do it again, and salvage the scraps and everything. I look forward to seeing the new reveal.

  2. I'd like you to giveaway that little girl/bunny necklace that you're going to make for me. but be sure to make TWO because you will be giving me one for my birthday.

    I can't wait to use the numbered comments AGAIN, tomorrow.

    we're so easily humored.

  3. oh. my. heck. she has a snow white necklace, little red riding hood.....and that girl with the bunny must be alice in wonderland. hey, i'm a quick one.

    p.s. this is the only way corrie dawn and I communicate, is through the comments. :)

  4. those are such cute designs!! i might need to go get me one of those necklaces for me, and i'm sure it woudln't last long as mine, since my girls would think it is just as cute and claim it as theirs. :)

    that is a fun coincidence!! very cool!!

  5. Can I say DeJaVu or how ever you spell it. I get those all the time. That just means that you were ment to buy that mag. Thats so awesome.

  6. glad you and your seam ripper are on a first name basis I know I'm on one with mine. Can't wait to see the finished product. Boy I love the little girls, glad you broke down Corrie. I'll fight ya for the necklace Des seam ripper to seam ripper you would probably win though because you have had more practice with yours lately than I have with mine. Only because I haven't sewn anything for weeks hopefully that will end today, and I will probably be ripping tonight..later

  7. I knew you'd like the Snow White one. I'm whipping out my watercolors as we speak to paint for you, not. If that's in the magazine, I'll cut out & laminate it. You can wear it in your next video. Tomorrow's winner won't care, if there's a big hole in the page.

  8. I believe this has become my favorite blog. You are a hoot! I love your ideas and your thoughts.
    This is my new "Happy Place"!!!!

  9. If you cut the picture out of MY magazine, will you copy it first and include it when you send it to me? Thanks.

  10. Oh for cute! I'm off to check it out! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Magazines call to me too. That is so cool that she just 'happened' to buy something from you and that BELLA is so observant.

  12. I got the magazine! I've read all about Danita - I'm sure we're destined to be BFF now. I emailed her. Hope I didn't scare her.

  13. I've been to your neck of the woods twice this month and wasn't able to go to a real magazine wielding store. Unless you can count Flying J. Thanks for showing me how much I missed ;o). Almost makes me want to visit my mom again... almost.

    I loved her blog and had to add her to my favorites, right under Quilt Taffy of course. I love Alice!

  14. i really love that post!
    The designs are so cute!!
    I´m a new fan!!