Friday, March 13, 2009

NY: Part Deux

Thank you to Des, my dad & my girlfriend for helping with our children while we were gone. When Des called up to remind me that they were coming to town for the State Boys Basketball tournament -- "Oh, we're going to NY that weekend..... well, you could still stay here & watch the kids in your spare time." I appreciated it. I wanted to get her some great stuff. My gift changed a little with this next shopping experience.

We went to visit Purl Patchwork. It's an easy trip on the subway. Here's Purl Soho -- for knitters. Sorry, I would have gone in, but I'm not a knitter & can't even fake it . I loved the storefront.

We'd been shopping in the super mega department stores & such. And having seen Purl Soho's website, I thought it was going to be a large store. (fyi: the website is run out of CA.) For those of you in Idaho, I was expecting "The Gathering Place". It was more like Quilt Taffy. Now I know how Bridget felt when she came by here :-). I wish I had such a cute storefront. Wish I had a store. Wish it were painted aqua.

I go inside & talk for a minute with the gal. She's really nice. She saw Rick & the camera & said we could take pictures of anything. The minimum cut is 1/4 yard. They have some fat quarters, but they won't cut fat quarters for you. That's understandable. I'm the midst of Japanese fabric heaven, but there aren't any fqs of those, there's some solids & simple florals.

If there had been fat quarters of the adorable Japanese prints, I would of bought 20 -- they are so charming. I didn't get a picture of them, they were on the bottom shelves.

There are two cutting tables in the middle of the room. It's really hard to see the bottom shelves. That's me in the back, as far as I can bend down, because of the table.

There was a print I liked so I pulled the bolt out & they had it in 4 colorways, so I poked the bolt back in, because we're limited on space. I'm still standing there deciding, but I guess I had the bolt in backwards & the lady came, flipped it & placed it back nice & neat. Efficiency at its best.

I'm trying to look quickly, because there are a few of us in there. I grab two bolts & tell her I want these. I've only just begun. The gal whips them out on the table. "I can cut these at the same time, are you done?" I've been in the store maybe 12 minutes.

I paused.
You know, when I'm paying $20 a yard for fabric,
I need a little bit more of a shopping experience.

"Yes, I'm done."

Love these two. Don't know if Des will like, but they are yummier in person. We both have a thing for vintage & for France.

Then back to Times Square. Times Square was really fun. They have a mega M&M store, a Hershey store, record stores, clothing stores, Disney store, souvenir places and restaurants. It was an amazing trip -- thanks for coming along.


  1. OY! I am so with you on NOT being rushed in a fabric store! WTH! One needs to enjoy the whole process. Maybe she would have sold more if she had not been so 'efficient'. Hmph. I think Des will love those fabrics and if not...I would! ;)
    LOVE the picture of you in Times Square. I loved it there too. Just so 'bustling' and full of energy (lots of it to light up those signs!). Thanks for sharing Corrie!

  2. I like those fabrics and the photos of the store ..... Sounds like you are having a grand time.

  3. Oh dear - sounds like a little too much efficiency is going on in that store lol!!! So glad you are having a good time though - Times Square looks amazing! I really should go there sometime - we live in NH so it's totally do-able, but do you think we have? One of these days....

  4. I wonder if the lady realizes that by being so efficient she is turning people off? I would have done like you and said I was finished too!

  5. Your posts are just fueling my desire to go to New York! Maybe while we are in VA in a few weeks, I will say I am going to the store and sneak away. I'm sure no one would mind! :)

    Love the fabrics, super cute!

  6. What an interesting quilt shop experience. The fabric is very cute.

  7. I think it is a very cute shop. Though it does look a little difficult to get around in! Of course I have always lived in the west and space here is not at the premium it is in NY! I also think the "efficiency" thing is a NY/East Coast thing too- they all seem in such a hurry out there! In the west we like to go slow I guess- all the more time to take it all in I suppose....
    It's always fun to poke around in new quilty places though-glad you had a good time.

  8. I love the fabric in the hoops on the wall. I've been thinking of doing that and it's nice to see a picture of it all where the fabric doesn't necessary match. Thanks. (You ladies are just so much fun!)

  9. LOVE the outside of Pearl Soho. Also like the wall of fabric hoops, but the $20 a yard sounds painful. Looks like you had a great time.

  10. I was at Purl Patchwork back in December and I had the same experience! Talk about a New York Minute :) IN, OUT, and Be Done...that'll be Fifty Dollars please!

  11. thanks for going to Purl. it's still on my list. love the fabrics you picked. if Des doesn't like them you can just send them my way.

  12. Thanks for sharing Corrie! What an amazing trip!

  13. Of course i love my fabric!!! how soon are you delivering it to me???

    love the last picture! I'd like an 8x10 glossy, please.

  14. That store front is stunning. I really like Purl for somethings.

  15. I think that clerk's cousin works at my local quilt shop... I only enter my local store if: a) I absolutely need something THAT day and I cannot wait for 4 days from an online store; and b) I have girded up my loins and not had to deal with a postal employee that day... gah! why do clerk's treat shoppers with wallets as if we are interrupting their day? I have pledged to NOT interrupt their days again. I even called the owner to discuss the possibility of a "happy clerk" training service. He denied there being a problem. Right.