Saturday, September 19, 2009

Coming Home....Homecoming

Headed to Las Vegas on Monday. Been on the road for 4 hours and I get a phone call.
In the middle of Nevada, it's hard to have consistent cell coverage.

Bella was asked to the homecoming dance.

It's on Saturday....this Saturday.

I'm gone til Thursday night & she's gone Wednesday through Friday afternoon.

And of course, she can't just call him and say, "Yes." He asked by doing something with chocolate kisses. So she made him a giant Rice Crispy Kiss and put her answer in the middle.

I guess at school, kids were walking around with pieces of it & he finally had to get the kitchen lady to saw it open.

My poor husband had to go dress shopping, Rice Crispy shopping and handle everything else before she left on Wednesday. He did a great job. Sitting at the mall for an entire evening was not in his plans.

I think I spent the whole week on the phone with them. It was fun. Wish I would have been home.

Friday night, we got the dress hemmed. May I just say, I learned to do a rolled hem on my serger and change the thread color. I'm quite proud. Do you need any purple thread?

Well, they left tonight. What do we do now? Lizzie & I are just hanging out, not sure what to do.

Hope they have fun!

I'm trying to get my Vegas pictures uploaded, but they keep coming in sideways....where's my husband?? Help!


  1. Aaahhh, my little Bella is growing up. So, so beautiful. Glad the kisses were in chocolate ONLY!!! Or at least they better BE!!!

    A concerned Aunt Desi

  2. She'd BETTER have fun, I had to go babysit for one of her "families" for five hours and I missed her leaving. :o( Shadowman and I are going to go hide in the bushes with the video camera for when they come home.

    A selfless,kind,younger sister

  3. Ahh, to be young again. They are such a cute couple! Hope she has a great time.

  4. Ohh they could not be any cuter and great job on the dress Daddy!!

  5. What a cute story. He looks like a nice young man. I bet they have be young. :) Sorry you missed the dress shopping though, I bet you may have enjoyed that. Hooray on the're clever.

  6. Awww...they look so cute! Hope she had a great time!

  7. She really is adorable Corrie. I know you must be so proud. :-) That chocolate kiss was WAY clever. I LOVE clever people!

    SHE looks beautiful!
    The hem looks beautiful!
    Total success :)
    Have to smile
    Have to smile :)
    tanni marlene

  9. darling be young again! :)

  10. Oh, Corrie ~ What creativity. She is darling, he is handsome, DH did a great job. Wonderful writing ...

    Have a wonderful week. TTFN ~Marydon

  11. I love the giant kiss! What a fun idea. In my day boys just stumbled up, asked you to the dance really fast and walked away really fast, usually blushing.

    She looks beautiful!

  12. LOL! A concerned Aunt Desi & Lizzie you two cracked me up!

    Bella you look so beautiful!

    How exciting!

  13. She is just Beautiful and he is also very cute. Hope they had a nice time, maybe she can make us rice crispie treat kisses for retreat!

  14. So sweet! I love the asking and answering cute is that? Thanks for sharing. :)

  15. Sweet couple. Hope they have a great time.

  16. That must have been kind of frustrating for you, to not be home. This whole new way of asking and accepting a date for dance is quite the thing. Too funny. They were both creative and looks like dad did a great job helping out. CUTE couple, cute dress.

  17. That is so sweet! How cool to get an answer like that. She looks so pretty in her dress too!