Friday, October 9, 2009

Orange Cheer

I think these were meant to cheer me up.
....Orange Daisies....
Funky & Fall.
I've had 3 out of 4 kids with the flu.
Car broke down in front of the library.
Husband has been out chasing Bambi.
I'm not at Quilt Market.
But I finished a tablerunner.
It's Spooktacular... in my etsy shop.

This also cheers me up... no legos, no "Break the Ice" cubes, no books, no laptop cords strung all over. Ahhh, let's just look at it. Nice. I'm happy.

Have a good weekend.
I'll see you in the medicine aisle.


  1. Sounds like you had a ruff time but that table runner is awesome!!!

  2. it looks great, just like all the things you make!
    so thats a happy fact!

  3. are those daisies, like....real?? I've never seen real orange daisies. that's kind of cool. the table runner is super spooky! I'm sorry the kids have been sick. Maybe you need to come see me and leave the sickies at home. :)

  4. The table runner is adorable! The flowers just set it off so perfectly. Sorry to hear the flu hit your family.

  5. i love daisies. must keep a look out for the orange ones. what a cute runner.

  6. I love daisies, and your runner is beautiful! Hope its not swine flu and the kiddies get better quick. :-)

  7. Great table runner! It looks like the same pattern that I just used to make one. I like your black sashing. Glad to hear the kids are all back to health and out of your way and you have a cheery,clean house again. Just think of me at Dland today, that will help cheer you up too. :D

  8. Great table runner. So sorry to see
    you're having a rough go of things.
    Get well soon.


  9. Yes, they are real daisies. I don't think they sell fake orange daisies. I don't know, I've never looked. Thinking of CJ at DLand... I can hear the music and smell the popcorn & the fritters. That's not helping :-). Let's jump in the car & go.

  10. n i c e
    v E r Y n I c E
    h A p p Y O r A n g E
    h A p p Y t A b l E r U n n E r
    h A p p Y f l O w E r s
    ..little ones
    b E w E l l....
    tanni m

  11. Oh, that is tough. Get well wishes to all.Hope the Orange cheers you up.

  12. Love the table runner and the daisies, orange is my favorite color ya know, especially this week, thanks I.F.