Friday, January 15, 2010

I'll Tumble For You and Boy George.
I never thought he would enter my blog posts,
but the time has come.

This tumbler quilt has been one I've been watching for a while least since Monday.
Actually, I remember having visions of me making a
tumbler quilt from all of my scraps in the 90's.

While hanging out at Corrie's house,
it's hard not to just start pulling charm packs
from the shelves and start sewing.

So this Crazy Mom tutorial on Moda Bake Shop
was a good fit for me.
I loved making it.
It was super easy and I now want
to make all my baby quilts just like this.
At least, until I don't want to anymore.

Basket of Flowers Charm Packs

I was surprised how fast it went.
And I was surprised how fun it was
to make the little template with
the cardboard square in the charm pack.
And I was surprised how large the quilt was.
And I was surprised how much
I loved the red fabric with the
teeny, tiny blue flower on it.
And I was surprised that Corrie didn't
have any of that fabric left.
And then I was surprised to find
that it took me 2 whole Harry Potter
movie's to machine quilt the thing.
I am not surprised, however,
that I now want to make one
out of every new charm pack
that comes out.


Blog Special
You need 4 packs to make a 10 row by 14 row quilt.

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  1. Lots of suprises for you and a lovely quilt. Arent these fabrics adorable, I wish I could work that fast.

  2. I love this pattern too! I've made in miniture, and am working on a larger one (14x14 plus borders) for my nephew. Isn't it fun? And EASY?

  3. that is one cute quilt! The fabric suits the pattern and the colors reflect the whimsy of the whole she-bang!

  4. Des you crack me up! and tempt me so ... to come spend money every stinkin' day!!!

  5. just coming back to say...thanks alot....boy george and I have been singing acapella all morning long now. !!!

    Love the fabrics though ;-)

  6. I think I was #30 on the Sweet Giveaway, but I didn't get an email. I realize Jessica is a common name, so if it's not me, that's fine, but I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss it if it was me.

  7. That is a great pattern! It looks so cheery.

  8. Sweet! I am resolute on making a quilt this year. Why do I get so freaked out?! No one cares if it's crappy but me!!! Will keep this one in mind for the little one's new bed.

  9. Wow, that's adorable - you've definitely caught my attention with this one. Decisions, decisions. LOL

  10. Made the decision - had to have it. LOL I'll be anxiously waiting for the postman to bring my Quilt Taffy package. :-)

  11. This quilt is approx:
    42" x 54".

  12. I have a template and pattern for a tumbler quilt just like this, and I've seen it done so they look like lava lamps with the bottoms all matching. Very cool.

  13. I just finished a quilt top using the same pattern. I'm the same way, I want to make all my charm packs into tumbler quilts now!

    Jennifer :)