Monday, January 25, 2010

Kimono Baby~

I am not of Japanese descent but I wish I was.
I'm pretty sure my babies would have rocked a kimono!!

Picture this: long sleeve onesie with some cute little tights underneath.
This might be my next baby gift of choice
.....even over a quilt!

Perish the thought!

Tutorial here.
While the tutorial is not super thorough and you do need some sewing experience.....she has given you a great way to make a pattern and has provided numerous sizes AND it's totally free.
Love that!

I made the 6mos, size.
For this size it would be cute to pick out 3 fat quarters.
2 for the kimono and one for the binding.
I used a 14" square to make my bias binding.
I cut my binding 1 1/2 " wide.

. Attaching the bias around the neck was a trick.
But I'm a tricky girl and was motivated by the challenge!
I unpicked 3 times.
I am kimono maker,
hear me roar!!

Any thoughts on Kimonos for boys?
Are you the mom that would not have
any problems putting her strapping son
in something that looks like a dress?
I'm pretty sure I would have done it.
Just don't let his chubby legs chafe.

I can't wait to make her sundress next!!
I promise not to make my son wear it.
He IS 19.


  1. think my 10 yo would wear it just for kicks! you've done an awesome job and I love the fabric you picked out!

    I kept all three of my boys in easy, comfy clothing when they were younger! probably explains a lot now! lol

  2. very cute! can i see it with the robots. i love this pattern and i am very impressed with your sewing skills.

  3. Too cute. If you had used bias binding it might have been easier. I'm going to make some of these. thanks

  4. I have got to make that for my grand daughter! So so cute.

  5. I did use bias binding. It was just a tricky neck line!

  6. I made one of these last year for my daughter, and hated working around that neckline too. And then the little darling refused to wear the darn thing anyway. :-P

  7. So that's where the aqua peeps went to... I still have some too :-). Super cute, nice pics too. i'm impressed.

  8. I'm a little slow on commenting... however, these are so stinkin' cute & I think they would make a great baby gift *hint*hint* :) You do awesome work!

  9. Adorable! I love your fabric!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the tutorial, I hope the gift recipient love it too!

    The neckline is a bit tricky, but after one or two it will be a breeze for you.