Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh Robin.......

Some might say I have an addictive personality.

I don't know where they might get that idea.

However, I do love what I love and I love to share it with you.

And I'm pretty sure I've yet to steer you wrong.

Robin Hood, the series from the BBC. You can currently catch Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix instant viewing.

I love you Netflix!

Season 3 is just recently out and I'm keeping those at my house for as long as possible. Because I just really, really love it. Not because I'm addicted to it or anything. The preview below is very serious but my favorite part of this series is the characters and the humor and wit.

Marsha just announced for the 7 time today, "Oh Mom!! Robin is soooooo cute!!"

Yes, honey, he is.........almost as cute as your daddy.

I'm a wee bit partial to Guy of Gisborn as well.


  1. I am believing you will not steer me wrong on this. It is at the top of our Instant QUEUE now! I'll let you know. I think if nothing else the guys are going to like the archery!

  2. OH man... I loved that series... wish it wasn't over. Love the characters... especially Much... love love love

  3. CJ, i would NEVER steer you wrong!!! The men should LOVE the archery. It's awesomely out of this world!

  4. Thanks for the recommendation! I love the Netflix instant viewing (every time, it's like WOW this is so COOL that this actually works!), but we've mostly been using it for kid's stuff (Bob the Builder is the current obsession...). Can't wait to try out something for the adults in the house. :-)

  5. I love my Netflix instant view! Will add this to my queue right off.
    I'm watching Primeval right now. Kind of bizarre.

  6. Gosh, how is it that I have never heard of this series before? I must be living with my head in a hole!

  7. I LOVE this series!! In fact I watched seasons 1 and 2 through Netflix and could not get enough of them. I pestered Netflix to get season 3. The first disc from season 3 is on its way to my house right now!!! Fun to know someone else loves them too!

  8. I just fininshed season 1 last night on Netflix. It's great to watch and embroidery/applique to. I love that I can just skip the credits and choose the next one. And yes, I agree, ROBIN IS SOO CUTE in a rugged, lives in the woods sort of way. Thanks for sharing this. I'm glad I'm not the only one!


  9. Ooo, that looks great! My Netflix queue is getting low ... we're watching season 5 of Lost (again) before the next season begins. This is now up next. My husband and I love all things medieval- we even had a medieval wedding. Yeah, we're that dorky! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hmm...was thinking about whether Primeval is family friendly; it's rated TV-PG, but I don't remember any really strong language or sexuality. I think it's mostly rated that way because of "violence" which involves dinosaurs eating people (but I don't remember it being graphic). There's a bit of sexual tension and one lady that runs around in her short jammies occasionally. I don't suppose I'd watch it with a kid much younger than nine-ish. Plus the whole time-travel concept itself can be confusing!