Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday Best - A Year of Schnibbles

I'm feeling pretty in pink.

All dressed up in my Sunday Best -
February's Schnibble pattern is
Sunday Best
My daughter wanted to make this quilt.
(Well, so did I - it's really pretty & sweet.)
So I felt I should give a stern little sewing lecture before she began.
I covered perfect seam allowances, intersections and pressing.
Fully expecting (& hoping) she would bow out.
She didn't.
There was a little unpicking & then some,
"That's just fine, sometimes that's as close as you can get."
"Yes, it looks really good."
"You want to hang it where?"
"You want to save it for your children?"
I want it in MY room.
We have kits of this quilt available in:
Aqua Pink or
Love U

American Jane

Carrie (Miss Rosie) talks in many of her patterns about the Angler for sewing diagonal lines. You can use it for next month's pattern too.
You are welcome to a kit, whether you are a part of the 'A Year of Schnibbles' challenge or not. I checked with Sinta, she said you can still join in. There are fun giveaways each month & a giveaway at the end for those that have done all of the monthly Schnibbles.

Kits, the Angler 2 and patterns are available on eBay or etsy.

Let me know if I can help.

Give it your Sunday Best!


  1. Oh the hard to decide.
    And nice to know even before the parade ;)

  2. THAT is gorgeous. Good job Bella!! I've always loved a bow tie!

  3. Wow, be still my heart. I've been wanting to make a Pink/Red & Aqua quilt - it's so sweet. Not knowing that Sunday Best would be the February Schnibble project - I've made one already. A second one might be in order LOL

  4. Love your version of this quilt! Thanks once again for really helping us out with this!

  5. I love your samples of Sunday Best! You can already see that it looks good in every color grouping!

  6. Oh my and here I was so uninspired!

  7. Corrie ~ Please tell her she did such a beautiful job!!! She's just like you...talent running out your ears!!!
    I loved your choice of props in photography, makes it simply adorable.
    Have a great day:)

  8. Love your versions of this quilt, very helpful to choose fabrics.

  9. I've got Sunday Best and hope to get n sync with everybody participating in the Year of Schnibbles this month! Seems I'm always making a different one than all else. Your daughter's is wonderful!!

  10. Love, love, love your Sunday Best quilts Corrie (especially the pink)! Great job!

  11. I just finished making this quilt! I loved it! I am having a girl in June and It turned out to be a beautiful baby quilt!