Tuesday, March 30, 2010

eat. play. sleep. repeat.

Stitch, aka Kathy, whipped up this little Moda Bakeshop number

for her summer grand-baby.
(Kathy, do you live in a log cabin?? Did I know that? Matching booties, too cute!)

The pattern is free, thanks to moda & V and Co.

We've put together these kits with a similar look.
The Bakeshop pattern uses a layer cake, we would be including
5" by 22" strips of ten fabrics +
your Nicey Jane background fabric + your binding fabric.
Stitch Kit
$22 + $5 US shipping, email me if you'd like one.
Or a little Hunky Dory
Kit will include 10 fabrics (5" x 22"), Nicey Jane background fabric & binding.
$22 + $5 US shipping, email me.

Here are some other fabulous quilts made by Kathy from our retreat.

She is also one of the best machine quilters known to woman.
She lives in the country & the machine lives in the city.


  1. Lovely! You should put together a kit of that green quilt with the delicious Amy Butler fabrics!

  2. Aaaaah... That baby quilt is sooo sweet! The other quilts are nice too! Lovely photos.

  3. The green quilt in those last two photos is GORGEOUS!! It's quilts like that one that are making me want to learn to quilt.

  4. That quilt is for MY baby girl!! My mom is amazing and I'm so grateful for her talents!!! Thanks for posting it too.

  5. Gorgeous quilts; Kathy is so, so talented! Great photography too by both Kathy and Corrie.

  6. Love that quilt and the kits you have put together. SUPER CUTE! What combo would you recommend for a boy?? Still waiting on a tutorial for that 'easy' strip quilt from your retreat...sigh. I see it in the picture there.

  7. I've just been with my great-nephew and yep....that's what we do ALL DAY LONG...eat, play, sleep, repeat.

    Why didn't i make this quilt for him?

    yes, good question CJ.....what would you do for a boy??!! :) do you need me to help you?