Monday, April 26, 2010

Be Nicey

Look at this tote made out of our Nicey Jane charm squares!

I was excited to see it.
The bag has a nice weight & size. Embellished with some yoyos & super cute buttons.

The pattern is the Vintage Seaside Bag. (etsy or eBay)
It is very charm pack friendly, using 35 -- 4.5" squares.

I especially liked seeing these fabrics all together,
because I'm making a quilt for my bed out of Nicey Jane.
It's going to be fabulous.
Just look at those prints --
so so pretty & happy.
I'm going to get going on that, any minute now.


  1. Really cute, I love it and will have to get some of those squares..

  2. love the bag. love the Nicey Jane. can i do a sleepover when you get that quilt done?

  3. Beautiful fabrics and a charming bag.

  4. Oh how cute!

    I am hosting a little give a way on my blog and would love to have you join in the fun. :o)

    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  5. you really shouldn't post my birthday presents on here. i mean, where will the surprise be??

    it's beautiful!!!!

  6. Darling! I am making a quilt out of Nicey Jane for my sister's baby and then I am going to make one for my bed too!! I just love those prints!

  7. I love this bag! The yo-yos especially add a cute texture to the whole thing :)

  8. I love Nicey Jane!! too cute.... okay, getting inspired now...