Friday, April 9, 2010

Hunky Lolita

Here's our version of the Lolita pattern out of Hunky Dory.
Too cold for a photo shoot outside.

We didn't have a dog for our picture, but we did have Harry trying to "help".

The sign of a good pattern is when your daughter can
take it,
make it
& I didn't even have to
read it.
That's my kind of pattern.It's a fuller skirt. This is before she put the elastic in.
It was so easy, she made two.
This was the first one with the slick silver fabric on the bottom. It was "kind of tricky".
It wasn't in the plan to make 2, but unfortunately at the end,
there was a serger mishap.

She tried to figure out to fix it. To fix it, it was going to get shorter. And the serging had all been done. She asked if she could make another one.
Well, since I hadn't spent time doing the gathering and the little ruffle "pop trim" & we didn't have to run to the store -- you bet. When your Mom owns a fabric shop, I guess that's the perk.
Anyone want to fix the first one?
If you want to make something out of it & show us. It's your's.
Otherwise, I'll have to get involved :-).

The second one she made 2" longer, and made the waist a little smaller -- Alterations 101.
I did the serging.
The cost of the second skirt was worth it. She was frustrated, but was willing to do it all again.
She wore it last night & this morning! I'm good with that.


  1. Could you fix it with a little hand sewing? Beautifuk job your daughter did. My daughter would love it to.

  2. Sure, I would make a skirt for one of my granddaughters out of it. I love the fabrics. I did a bloop like that with a serger on a wedding dress. Fortunately it was only the lining.

  3. Cute skirt! I got my Quiltmania mag yesterday it is really neat.

  4. I bought the pattern and made the skirt. I didn't like it on me one bit! Looks like your daughter had a lot more luck-maybe I'll try her alterations next time.

  5. I would make a great spring/summer purse with the botched skirt. She sure does a great job with the sewing though! Sergers have to be watched (like little brothers), they are always just waiting to make trouble.

  6. Yes, I could probably figure out a way to salvage this skirt, or cut it down in size, for one of my grandnieces. It is so cute and their "twirly" style. Please consider my offer. mlwright29 at hotmail dot com
    It's great to see a young girl sewing with their Mom.

  7. She is adorable and did such a lovely you tell her that we all make those kinds of bloopers and she certainly had the right attitude and didn't let it defeat her...that is must be a wonderful mom....

  8. Your daughter has done an amazing job on the skirt. A little mishap just helps us to learn. She looked adorable in it. Harry looks like he could be quite the little helper!

  9. she did a fantastic job, and what patience to make a second!! i remember making a skirt for myself when i was about that age. sew fun!! :)

  10. wow, slicky silver fabric!! you're really accessorizing now. I don't know how to spell accessorize..... do i?

    good job Bella. Have fun at the prom. We'll expect you to make your prom dress next time.

  11. CJ's going to "repurpose" the skirt. Can't wait to see what you do. Thanks!