Friday, May 28, 2010

Bound and....

You thought I was going to say Determined!
I was.
Until I thought of gagged.
I've always wanted to say gagged on my blog.
My work is done here, people.
I love a finished quilt.

May you be bound and determined.
Not gagged.

Corrie gave me the Crafty girl photo
I love it!


  1. Love that play on words, you got me on that one, I HAD to think about it for a min. And I love the wonky triangle thing goin' on, tell me you will do a tutorial! I do know how to do Maverick stars, maybe it's similar?

  2. I think I would prefer "determined" as the other brings up bad memories. Lookin' good!

  3. Your comments had me LOL.
    Too, too funny.
    Congrats on a "finish". Now - do you plan on a "start" over the weekend?

  4. the quilt looks lovely, you are so daring to machine sew your binding....mine always looked awful! I finally conquered hand stitching the binding and it is my favorite part now!!

  5. Wow! Turned out great! I love that fabric!! Gagged is good...:)

  6. I really love the colors of your quilt. Sigh... beautiful fabric makes me shiver with excitement!

  7. Looks great! Did you machine sew that binding? How? Looks great. I always hand that part off to my Grandma.

  8. Love your Wonderland quilt. In fact I have a layer cake, and didn't know what to do with it. May I know the dimension of the final product, and the number of the 10" used?

  9. GReat job finishing it up! Love that picture too - it's perfect and looks just like you. :-)