Tuesday, May 4, 2010

eat. play. sleep. repeat. II

This quilt has been calling to me from Moda Bakeshop --
looked fun & easy to make.
Wanted to try it for myself.

Can't forget the "eat".
It's made out of Make Life
by Sweetwater.
Went together quick...just need to finish
around the letters.
I have "repeat" done.
My guy is a little too big for this one.
But we've got a friend's baby that it will be perfect for.

Asked Harry if he would rather eat, sleep or play.

A boy & girl kit is available on etsy,
if you'd like to try too.


  1. Love it! Bought a kit from you and love that too. Were you able to print the words from the site? Mine only printed half the page.

  2. i adore this simple, cute quilt. Who can I make one for??
    I love it!!

  3. That about sums it up too!!

  4. I love the quilt! I am a bit like your son though... forget eating... I've got to Play! Thanks for sharing!

  5. A-dor-A-ble! :-)

  6. Wonderful Corrie!! Love it... Stop by to see my children of the 30's applique blocks. I took a class and I'm so pleased with them.

  7. Loved this quilt when I saw it. Now I may have to wander over and get a kit!