Friday, May 21, 2010

Quiltmania No. 77

Quiltmania Patchwork -- The Quilt Magazine
No. 77
is here.
Just look at that quilt on the cover. Nice.

This issue is highlighting:
  • 3 Korean artists in Seoul;
  • plenty of inspiring photos from exhibitions;
  • Quilts & Enchanting Homes;
  • Historical Quilts and
  • six quilt patterns + a tote and accessories pattern
Includes full-size patterns.

Well, while everyone is having Mania at Quilt Market,
I'll be reading this, relaxing & ordering via the internet.
"It's a good thing."


  1. How beautiful! I was stationed in Korea years ago, but at the time didn't know how to sew. This made me think about the fun I could've had in Korea quilting and things if I were a sewer back then.


  2. I so enjoyed my issue, and it had an article that was being continued in this one-so glad you are selling this one too-just ordered one-thank you Kathyinozarks

  3. Love the taupe grandmother's flower garden. Is that yours?? Were they appliqued to the top? It's wonderful, as are the rest. Great post. Thanks - I need to look for that magazine.

  4. How,how do I get that magazine? Is it the one with Sue Spargo?? It looks like an awesome edition.

  5. Hello, can you share with me the Japanise Quilt? I live in Venezuela and we dont get that magazine over here. I love it since the first time I sow It...Thanks, sorry about my english... my email is