Friday, May 7, 2010

Urban Swap Finale~

Dear Urban Swap Partner,
These goodies should be making
it to your home shortly.

As verbalized here.....
this was hard for me.

I knew you loved houses
and I just couldn't pull it
all together like I wanted.

So I opted for an apron
and pincushion.

Two of my favorite things!



  1. Great Job Des!! Love the pin cushion and the apron, such pretty fabrics. Your swap partner's going to love it!!

  2. awesome fabrics. lovely stuff.

  3. Love the apron and pincushion!
    Oh, and thank you for stocking more Orange Slice kits! I just ordered one that I will save for my 12-y-o daughter for Christmas! She loves orange and is learning to sew, so this little kit is perfect! :o)

  4. I'm just new to your blog, so forgive me if you've already featured those, but where do those kitchen prints on the wall come from? So, so cute!

  5. Vicki: Those are an Ikea find. $5 for the 5 prints and then the frames are cheapy, cheapy Ikea $1 frames!!

    Love 'em!