Wednesday, June 2, 2010

No More Dust Bunnies

Lucky Me!
I was part of the Urban Swap on Flickr.
I had put down a sewing machine cover as a possible want.
Well, Hillary far exceeded my wants and that's hard to do!
I can't wait to clean up my machine all pretty and dust free.
I shall cover her diligently with my new mod sheath.
Hillary was so thoughtful to embroider Little Red taking
Taffy, of all things, to Grandma's.
She also made this fun pillow which will look just right on my couches!
Now, back to my list of needs.......


  1. Wow and oh wow on your score! That pillow is awesome! Never seen one like it before and the personal touch on the cover, well, let's just say there are some incredibly talented ladies out there!


  2. Wow....what a fun package to receive.

  3. She went all out for you. Sweet. Those pillows will look great in your room (living room, bedroom, where are you putting them?). Nice.

  4. Living room, but hey they would look good in my bedroom.

    can you believe the little red with taffy??? so thoughtful!

  5. Love that sewing machine cover. What a great partner!!