Friday, July 30, 2010

On a good day....

...i might get a good idea.
Well, I actually had THREE good ideas
when it came to Miss Corrie Dawn's Birthday.

It's about time.
I couldn't handle the pressure last year
and did nothing, as I recall.
I might have doubled Christmas for her,
I can't remember.
I bet she does. :)

Usually when choosing gifts,
I go with "what would I like to receive".

I try to make things about me, as much as possible.

I want weeks and weeks of these towels.
Lovely idea from here.
I think they're brilliant!
I never would have thought to add binding.
Corrie's only get Wed, Thurs, Fri.

She'll have to really ooohhh and aaaahhh
to get the rest of the week.

Who doesn't need new hot pads?
Please throw the old ones out!

And my favorite idea in the midnight hour...
Does she look familiar?

A Little Red Riding Hood Pin Cushion.
Got the wonderful idea for the
cool 'filled in' stitching here.

It's going to change my stitchery world.

I think I'll be making a Snow White one next.
I told you I like things to be about


  1. Yes Des, you are certifiable...the most scrumptious sister anyone can have..Sure it is all about "ME" as you stated...but your ME puts many of us to shame...Now if I only had a sister to do such a thing...I am sure Corrie Dawn as you call her, will be over the top...I would certainly if she does not like any of them I will take them lol...And....anything made with our hands and heart means more than anything you can purchase without thought...'nuff said...blessings ms

  2. ps. thanks so much including the link...I love hand stitching..I think I will make some of my please don't send me any lol...

  3. i am very impressed. lots of hard work thrown into one present. Corrie is going to love all of them. those designs are adorable. my favorite is the espresso pot!

  4. So is Corrie locked up somewhere so she can't see all this and will still be surprised? Ha ha.
    Great gifts, I love your hot pads in particular.

  5. marvelous pressies des! i love aneela's stitchery...she really rocks the embroidary world!

    and look at that! I won! yipee! thank you so so much!

  6. Oh what a great idea! I'm thinking Christmas....

  7. All fabulous projects. I am loving those potholders!!!!

  8. Man, Des, all this creativity is killin' me! Nice job. Thanks for the link, I LOVE embroidery.

  9. Very cute! I love the dish towels and potholders. They would make lovely shower gifts! Thanks for the great idea!

  10. Cute! Wow. You did a lot of stitching. I'm definitely "ooohhhing and aaaahhhing". I really think I need a complete set, don't you? They are all darling. Love Little Red. It's all perfect! Can't wait to use them! When do I get them?? I'm impressed you are this on time :-). THANK YOU! Can't wait.

  11. Wow, awesome post Desi. Thanks for all the project links. Happy Birthday Corrie!

  12. Those are gorgeous!! Great job, and I love the embroidery!

  13. What an AWESOME gift package. I'd say you totally made up for last year. And I love the idea of having towels only for W/Th/F - those are pretty much the only days I do housework anyway! ;-)

  14. Love these! Especially since I got to see them in real life! Thank you tons!