Monday, July 26, 2010

Pizza Anyone?

Pizza Box Block Exchange

I'm fairly new to an established quilt group.

Very talented and inspiring women.

We're in the midst of a block exchange.

It's really quite fun.

Each month, we take a new pizza box, more details about it here.

Everyone chose their own theme,

ie. 30's, homespuns, brights, pastels, etc...

Here's my block (yes, it needs to be trimmed).

I was trying to be easy -- everyone's got 30's prints or pastels, right?

But there are some fabric colorways, I have no stash or idea where to get coordinates, so I've been sneaking & taking the easier ones first.

I got Mary's this month -- black & white.

I can handle that.

What do you think?
I'm in search of the ultimate basket block.
Thought I had found it, but this pattern isn't so smooth, but I made it work.

Baskets make me happy, so does pizza.

And chocolate.

Got a little bit of chocolate on the block, ooops, but I think I got it out.

Brown goes with black, right?


  1. Black and white I JUST LOVE...and the basket is divine...I have always admired black and white anything I am not sure when tempted by so many wonderful creative colourful fabrics could I choose these 2 neutral colours...but ohhh how I like what you have done...your wedding ring is lovely that what it is called? mmm looks like you used sweetwater fabric too? yes? lol...anyway, love seeing what you do...blessings ms

  2. your basket block is really nice in those fabrics. which i love. don't have much in the 30's but your block is very nice. and getting together is a nice way to reflect on what you have done. i don't get the box being empty though. i like mine full of pizza!

  3. ooohh, what a sampling of delights! chocolate, repro's, baskets and pizza!

  4. Pretty pretty blocks Corrie! Yum pizza and chocolate are my favorites.

  5. Awesome job, little sister. If you're lucky, i'll let you be in one of my groups someday. :)

  6. I really like your block Corrie! It looks nicely done to me! Talk to you later this week. Thanks for the "home delivery!"

  7. picabo ( 26, 2010 at 7:38 PM

    Very cool idea!!!
    Went to the groups blog and there was a flip & sew star she is doing next month...any chance on getting the pattern??? Thought more Christmasy patterns though?? Maybe a kit??