Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Phew....lesson learned

They're back in....

either you love them


you don't.

Back on etsy & on eBay.

Note to self:

While you're figuring whether you want

orange or grey,

hold some back.

Don't sell it all,

because it might not be coming in again.

I actually had the thought --

I might have to buy

this fabric from another store.

That's just not right.

Velcome back....


  1. While I do NOT like the Ghastlies and am leaving it all for someone else I do like the grey fabric and the hints of color here and there.
    It is like a colorized B&W! Other lines should do this.

  2. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!! I love the gray, while only liking the orange (sorry orange, maybe another time)

    I don't know what I'm going to do with mine yet, but at least I have some...which I'm pretty sure I bought from Quilt Taffy!

  3. I totally love them! I'd love to do a Halloween runner with those, so great :)

  4. I LOVE the Ghastlies and was sad to not see them in your store when I was looking a few weeks ago.

    Well now I have to go shopping, with Miss Addison's Birthday on Halloween I think, no I KNOW she needs a Halloween blanket!


  5. I normally DON"T care for Halloween fabrics, but I LOVE these!