Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Love Boat

"Come Aboard,

We're Expecting You...."

Well, as much as I would have liked it to be The Love Boat.
We actually went with the whole family, including Grandpa
....to Alaska.

I don't think I've ever officially introduced the family.
Shadowman, Lizzie, Harry & Bella,
me & Rick

We sailed out of Seattle on Holland America's Oosterdam to

Glacier Bay, Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan & Victoria, BC.


This ship had amazing youth programs.

They had a ball.

Shadowman wanted to climb the totem pole.

"Yes, I know you could, but that would not be a good idea."

Oh, this little guy. He is full of it.
He did so so well.
Ate everything put in front of him, and
was so much better behaved than I ever hoped.
No teeth grinding or meltdowns...as good as it gets.

This is my new favorite
picture of the girls...on the Lido deck.

And meet Grandpa.
He keeps us entertained with his
enlightening comments.

I love my dad.

A wonderful trip.
Alaska is as beautiful as they say.
Hot. Who knew? Got a little sunburned.
We all dragged our winter coats with us - waste of luggage space.

Glacier Bay -- got to see icebergs 'calving'.
"The Love Boat soon will be making another run.

The Love Boat promises something for everyone...."


  1. Hmmm....my comment disappeared. Let's try again.

    I have heard nothing but raves of that cruise. It looks and sounds like it was wonderful. It is definitely on our "bucket list".

    It was nice to meet the whole family and see all of their happy faces. I could not get Grandpa's first picture to come up, but I am sure it was a cute one.

  2. Are you refreshed yet? Ready to pack those bags again? Since Harry was so fabulous let's load up that car!!

    THIS love boat is leaving on Sunday!!!!!!!!

    Super cute pics of the family! Except i wasn't in them. :(

  3. Oh how exciting!!! An Alaskan cruise is definitely on my list of things to do with the extended family. It looks like you had a wonderful time!

  4. A LOVE cruise no doubt...how obvious is that...great shots of the kids you...hubby, grandpa...family love is the most delicious treat there is...thanks for your view...
    Ohhh Des, missed you in there...lol
    blessings ms

  5. Funny you did this post today because I'm wearing my Red Dog Saloon (from Juneau) shirt brought back from my parents on their cruise to Alaska a couple of years ago!!

  6. Looks like a wonderful vacation.

  7. I looked at that 1st photo and thought "Alaska" - am I good or what? And I can't believe you had good weather... we went w/some friends on a cruise from Anchorage to Vancouver, and the weather in Alaska was awful every single day - no sun, drizzly, if not downright rainy...ugh... It was only ever sunny when we ventured onto Canadian soil, lol

  8. So lucky - would love to visit Alaska one day. You are blessed.

  9. You should have continued the cruise up to the top of the state and we could have finally met! :o) Glad you enjoyed my home state. It has its pluses for sure.

  10. Alaskan cruise is on my someday/bucket list. Looks like a great time.

  11. What is nice looking family maybe next time I could be a stowaway
    Love ya shelto

  12. I hope you found the little quilt shop in Sitka. I still haven't cut into all my Alaska themed fabric. We had warm weather too!

  13. Corrie,
    Your photos are so beautiful! It looks like it was an amazing trip for you. The way you and Rick look together, you totally made it THE LOVE BOAT! The girls are so gorgeous and those boys completely darling...I'm so glad you posted your photos! Love ya and miss you! See you soon, Stacey

  14. That trip is on my short list Corrie! It looks fabulous and a great family vacation!