Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Swedish Fish, anyone?

Ooohhh, Look at me!

I have a quick finish for today!

I joined the do.Good Stitches {a charity bee} on flickr.

This is the block for the "Faith" group I belong to.

LOVE these blocks. Quick, fast and easy.

Tutorial here.

Now I want to eat Swedish fish and read Jan Brett books!

Join me?


  1. Your blocks are beautiful! I just love this color combination. Thanks for the link too!

    Jennifer :)

    PS: my daughter is obsessed with Jan Brett after she came to read to her school last year. For a solid two months she wouldn't read any book that wasn't one of Jan's...

  2. Very nice. I had this yearning to visit IKEA

  3. Fantastic blocks, love those fabrics you chose.

  4. mmmmmmmmm ... I could go for some aebleskivers, too! (it's very close to dinner time and I am hungry.)