Monday, October 11, 2010

I'll Tumble for You ~ Accuquilt GO!

It's here! It's here!
Just so you get the full experience,
the bubble packaging smells like vanilla ? ?
Nice touch :).

Yes, we've seen it everywhere;
now we can see it up close & personal.
The machine comes with one die set -- which has a 4.5" square, 2.5" square, and two 2.5" wide by 2.5" wide triangles. Also included is the cutting mat you place over the fabric; a fabric pick, and a dust cover for your machine.
Accuquilt kindly also sent along the Tumbler, Circles & Rose of Sharon dies for me to try out!
Let me at it.

I opened it up & sat down to read the instruction manual.
It was one page!
Doesn't get better than that.
You can be cutting almost immediately.
Decided to try the tumbler die.
I marked where the blade is with a Sharpie,
so I can see where to put the fabric.
Here's a tip,
let the marker dry a little bit
before putting your fabric on it. No fear it all worked out.

Cut 7.5" strips of your fabric. I chose Whimsy.

I've wanted to make something out of this fabric forever, but didn't know what. Just found the perfect pattern with this tumbler block.
Here are my strips ready to go.
I quickly became the most popular person in the room.
It is easy to turn, but Harry needed some help. You've got to have a little muscle. I stand up when I cut them out.
I layered my fabrics. I have 6 layers on there.
I put the die with the fabric (& the cutting mat) through the machine. And voila -- there are my tumblers.
Then I cut the excess off...

and flip the fabric stack over,
so that the angle of the die/tumbler matches
the angle of my fabric to minimize waste.
There's my stack, ready to sew.
Just flip one of the tumblers around. I really like that the GO! cuts the dogears/corners off for you. There is no guessing; you start at the point that's 1/4" in and sew down the tumbler with a 1/4" seam allowance to the point on the bottom.
I pressed my seams open.
The top & the bottom match.
Look at that -- perfect.
I'm making a twin size-ish quilt. I cut 225 tumblers this afternoon & got some rows sewn -- a 1/3 of it is finished. I could finish it tomorrow, but I think I'd like to take this project to our upcoming retreat. It's so portable and easy to pick up where I left off. At retreats, I need an easy project, I tend to get a little distracted with my sister, the food & Shelto's stories.

I love it.

The tumbler is so easy, I can see making this one A LOT. Perfect for wedding gifts, baby quilts, picnic blankets and more.

Accuquilt -- "better cuts make better quilts"

I'm a believer.

And if this wasn't enough Accuquilt has announced a smaller machine, called the GO! Baby Fabric Cutter. Super portable. If you are interested in ordering either machine, the GO! is in stock & the GO! Baby will be shipping soon, just contact me.


  1. You make it looks so easy and your quilt turned out lovely.

  2. I am absolutely asking Santa for one of these!! :)

  3. the Tumbler is perfect for Whimsy. love the new quilt.

  4. Great job telling about the GO! and the Tumbler block. Over at my blog there is another Tumbler idea.

  5. thank you for your incredibly detailed review! I've wondered about this machine, purist that I am, and love how you helped show us its paces!

  6. Your quilt looks lovely! Thanks for taking all those photos. Seeing all the tutorials really helps to get to know this machine and what it can do!

  7. Hmm I'm thinking about this machine also... Love the demo thanks so much!

  8. I want to cut out tumblers for the world!!!
    I love it.

  9. am i supposed to be signing Boy George songs now? I'll tumble for you...anyway...I cannot get over how easy the GO! makes this process look! If I owned a go! tumbler definitely would be my die of choice! great quilt corrie!

  10. So exciting that you got one! Can't wait to see what else you create!

  11. Wow with that cute cuttin' tumbler and the Whimsy fabric it's fabulous! Can't wait to see it completely assembled after the retreat.

  12. Um, that's a SUPER cute pin cushion you have there!!
    Gee, someone loves you.

  13. SO LOVE THE QUILT!! I think I just found my new project for the retreat too...been wondering what I should I KNOW. NOW, just to pick the perfect fabric. choices, choices.

  14. Oh myyyy, I'll die and gone to heaven if I'm able to get one... I'd like to smell its vanilla scent!!!

  15. How fun...we have another GO! Girl among us!!

  16. Ohhh you lucky lady...and the results are absolutely amazing...good for you sweetie..
    of course fabric choices are amazing...blessings msamm

  17. I think you are the first one to actually explain this. My question now is how much for all that you showed, dies, machine, etc..etc... And will you be carrying them?

  18. Wow Corrie -- that quilt top is ADORABLE!!! The tumbler block is the one of all of them that would make me want the Go. Now, if I could just get past the fabric waste ... I'm working on it!

  19. Oh fun! And your tumbler top is adorable. :-)

  20. How fun! I'm waiting for my Go! To arrive on my doorstep. Have no idea when it will show up.

  21. That is the ONE quilt I want to make...I kept hoping I'd win a Accuquilt machine...but it's not likely to happen! I will have to manually cut all my pieces, because I really cannot afford to buy a machine. =( your quilt!

  22. I really like the Tumbler.
    Your quilt turned out great.
    It is a great die for a GO! Library, isn't.
    Should I every win a GO! that is one die that is very high on my list.

  23. It's on my wish list!

    Thanks for stopping by today! :-)


  24. I love the fabrics you chose. You're making me want one of the GO! machines and that tumbler die is to die for, isn't it? Question: I want to receive your post updates via e-mail. Can you make that option available? I can't access blogs while I'm at work, but if I can get e-mail updates, they come right through with no problem. Can you make that happen? [The e-mail reflected here is my personal e-mail address, and I would want your updates sent to my work e-mail address] Thanks. dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com