Monday, October 18, 2010


My weekend with Patterns.
As a tween, I used to go to the fabric store with my sister. I hated being there. There is nothing more boring than watching your sister flip through a thick, oversized McCall's pattern book and then see her reach for the Simplicity one. ugh.
Fast forward many years...I've never liked clothing patterns, but 2 weeks ago, my daughter & I were in the fabric store.
I was feeling invincible.
We wanted a shrug &
a Halloween costume for my other daughter (15 year old).
(Alice, but yes, in the larger version, looks simple enough
- thought we could tweak it a little.)

The shrug proved to be a little more complicated than I thought. I made 2 trial ones, they went together quick, but the sleeves weren't even close to the same size as the arm holes.

Plan B = improvise.
No sleeves. Just made the shoulder part a little wider.
She wanted straps too, to "hold it up".

Finished in time for Saturday night's
homecoming dance.
After the shrug fun,
I decided not to tackle the Alice costume this year.
That's why they have all of those Halloween stores,
so you can buy $9.99 wings & be a black fairy, right?

Works for her.
Works for me.


  1. That dress is gorgeous. I love the added bow.

  2. Your daughter..this is Belle? ( to Mom) If sew in French she would most certainly be la Belle. ( pretty young lady you are sweetie) and your dress, shrug and fairy costume is over the top B. U. T. Full...
    How fortunate to have a Mom who can sew...You both make a great couple...Tres Belle!
    Hope your night was over the top memorable.
    blessings msamm

  3. Ok these are 2 different girls...sisters..who is Belle? Both of you are adorable...heh...that is my button right there on my right lol..

  4. clothing scares me! you have given me hope! your daughter is just gorgeous, hope she had fun at the dance

  5. the shrug is beautiful with the dress. what beautiful models! love the black fairy!

  6. I have sewn a million things but I draw the line at costumes. Yes, that is why they invented costume stores. The shrug turned out great!

  7. I hesitate a clothing also. Funny thing, the people that make clothes (most of them) would never tackle a quilt!

  8. Made the same shrug for our HS babysitter last year...for the same dance, I think!

  9. I just made two shrugs to go over bridesmaid dresses. Guess they must be in style again. Your daughter looks beautiful. can't even buy the fabric for the price of what they charge in those Halloween stores.

  10. Very cute. It turned out great. But you know with everthing it takes practice, practice, practice. Don't give up and eventually it will be a piece of cake.

  11. I've tackled some clothes but not in the last year. I'm starting to feel the "itch" to make some clothing.

    I love your daughter's black dress. Where is it from?

  12. I am an evil fairy. }:-)
    My dress is from Dillard's.

  13. Lizzie, you don't look evil, you look awfully happy. Must be smiling about your sexy boots. (that will make her roll her eyes) lol

  14. i spent a good part of my life making clothes. and just don't do it anymore. but i remember my sister dreading when we passed the patterns in a store. because she knew that would want to sit for hours just looking. the shrug is beautiful. very nice job.

  15. LOL I've just made the same Alice costume for my little girl for a school dress up day. It was actually quite easy and I don't make clothes!

  16. Oh my... great posts ;-)
    great pics
    sweet girls !
    tani m

  17. I love the black fairy, too gorg! Your post box on the accucutter is too full to post, so may I try to get in on the draw here? I would buy the GO! - because I can, and the dies? 55017 55015 55078 - what a delicious thought! Almost as good as Taffy!

  18. Coral, I posted your comment on the giveaway. It posted okay. If anyone else has trouble, let me know.

  19. Wow, I like your improvised version better than the original pattern. Very beautiful...great job!

  20. Well done on the shrug.

    Your daughters are just darling. And the date is very handsome - what a nice couple.

  21. What a beautiful dress - you did a great job! (and I like the shrug better the way you made it.)
    Your girls are very lucky!