Monday, November 15, 2010

Let's Party!

For your next Birthday Extravaganza --
make it fun,
make it easy

from Moda!
We've got tablecloths
52" x 65",
Party Hats with little ears!
Treat Bags!
sold out of these quick, more coming

Happy Birthday Banners!

Monkey Tails!
Of course, we had to try one out.

He loved it.
It was a hit!

We have sock monkey fabric too,

yes, we do

in case you're feeling crafty.


  1. Very cute!

    We have a request for a Dog I'm planning to make some fleece hats with ears for all the kids!

  2. I LOVE ALL THE MONKEY STUFF!! I HAVE TO HAVE SOME for my stash. I especially love the banner and the little bags.

  3. thank you for the huge smile! I will have to remember this when it's hubby's time for a birthday!

  4. Super Cute! I wonder if my little one would like that for his second birthday...

    ~ Meagan

  5. The ties on the tails are really long (can be easily cut), so I'm thinking they might be for adults too! Des, there's a costume idea for next year.