Saturday, November 27, 2010

Little Wallet

Are you ready for the holidays?
I’m working as fast as I can to complete some gifts and start some others.
That’s so not like me, usually if I haven’t started by July, it’s not happening.
But if it’s easy…I might tackle it.
My latest obsession is the Little Wallet.
It’s easy!

I think everyone needs to have one or two.
It’s perfect for holding all of your
punch cards,
business cards,
loyalty cards,
library cards and
gift cards!

I put all of my extra cards that I don’t need access to every day
in it. It’s quite a stack, but now they can all be together. No
more bulging of my regular wallet.
Perfect little gift for a friend, teacher or family member,
you can slip a
note inside or a gift card,
just makes it a little more special.
They are
easy to send in the mail too.

We have some Little Wallet kits & patterns in the Etsy Store.
So you can make 10 of your own.
The kit comes with the pattern, Velcro, fabric, and interfacing if needed.

Gotta go make some more!


  1. Little wallet, how do you do? lol
    great choices of fabrics, love the design and why did you not show these in September lol...I am done, all sewed up...and stitched and but that is me..

  2. Those are so cute! I love that Red Riding Hood fabric :-)

    I am trying to get my Christmas gifts made now. I was hoping to be further along than this, but there is still time!

    Good luck getting all of yours done as well!

    ~ Meagan

  3. i think i can squeeze a few of these in before the big day. yours are so cute!

  4. I love these! I wonder if I have enough to scrimp together to purchase.... guess I'll have to check out your store :) They are simply too cute to not give them a try!

  5. Super cute, love the Japanese fabric!

  6. Don't forget that you can use them for tea bags. Great for those holiday teas that are out right now. They're nice to have in your purse when you order tea, but don't want regular black tea.

  7. Those are adorable -- and I completely agree -- what perfect little gifts!

  8. these are so cute I love them so much and they are soo handy to have around. i made them in my textiles class and it is the best i even made some for home. these are great and i hope you have fun making more. i know i enjoy making them and so should everyone else that is into this sort of thing.
    Hope you enjoy them,