Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Working on my latest do. Good Stitches block.
The assignment was to match the embroidered work to an assigned color.
My color was orange. You know I love orange!
However, it was to be 'creamcicle' orange.
Not a lot of 'creamcicle orange' in my mix.
Hope this will work.
I love all of the thought and effort that 
went into these little embroideries. 
Thanks Rachel.
oh, oh, Look at me!!
I have December's block done now, too!!
It's following Quilt Dad's tutorial.
I've made plenty of traditional log cabins in my life
but never a wonky one!
I like it!


  1. I'd have trouble doing wonky. I like things to be on the straight & narrow. YOUR blocks look great though. :)

  2. I love that creamcicle block, I think it looks great! But, like you, I love the orange too!

  3. Love the creamy orange! Very yummy and fresh looking.

    The wonkiness of it all is awesome!

  4. Looks like creamcicle to me!! Beautiful work! I find it very difficult to do wonky, and random for that matter. The harder I try, the less random or wonky it gets...I guess that is the point :)

  5. Nice text/photos color coordination/interchangeation goin' on here! :)

  6. your creamcicle block looks great!

    ~ Meagan

  7. I love orange too. That chicken is so cute. Love creamsicles.

  8. I LOVE those blocks. Your wonky is awesome!!!

  9. Love that orange block. Very cute chicken :)

  10. I got orange too and I was so excited! I used some of the same fabric so I think our blocks will look great together... ;)

    Jennifer :)