Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Little Charm Pack That Could

I was definitely in for a surprise when I started reading
Camille Roskelley's Simplify quilt book!

The photos are stunning, as is she.

Quilts for the Modern Home ~ Simplify Your Life and Make it More Beautiful.
  • Build your quiltmaking skills with bright, fun projects using convenient precuts
  • 8 quilt projects plus 4 pillow patterns to make from leftover fabrics

I was just flipping through the pages,
the aqua caught my eye as did the sweet baby photo...

but those fabrics look awfully familiar....

Let us all turn to page 45.
That my friends is made from a

Quilt Taffy
charm pack.

Yes, it is.

Does that count as "being published"?
I say, "Yes."
I can now cross that off my "To Do List" :).
We have a very similar charm pack on etsy --
Cotton Candy.
red, pink, aqua & blue!
Treat Yourself!


  1. How exciting and GOOD EYE for catching that! I have the book on hold for me at the library - going to venture out tomorrow to get it and then I can see 'you' in print!

  2. I LOVE Camille's book and now that I know that's Quilt Taffy fabric well, it's even better! :) Congrats!!

  3. Congratulations!! I think that definitely counts as being published :) I need to look for the book and charm pack.....those colors are so popular right now.

  4. yay! I just ordered the book...and I'm so excited to get it in the mail next week :)

  5. boo. it just sold out right from under my nose

  6. What a beautiful book! I love the published quilt! =) Congrats!

  7. Wow, you are published yes you are lol. does she know that>? I sew love this too..

  8. We have plenty of packs...just list them a little at a time due to the way etsy works.

  9. I saw YES - it counts!!! Yeah, and it looks so pretty.

  10. I'd say that's published, too bad you didn't get credit. Love the blue, pink and reds together, just beautiful!

  11. Very cool. I bet that made your day! Congratulations!

  12. The sweet pea quilt is on my to do list right now. I have others that I should be doing but I think that is making its way to #1 :)

  13. Absolutely dear. You are published! :)

  14. Heck ya, it does! The only way I could sneak in a non Moda charm pack was to tell them to cut squares it from their stash. Sneaky, huh? ;-) But yep, that quilt has Quilt Taffy written all over it. :-) Thank you!

  15. That's awesome! I should have gotten my charm pack signed when I got mine since you're famous now. It's a super cute quilt to!

  16. Congratulations! They are beautiful fabrics!

  17. Totally counts as published! Congratulations!

  18. Beautiful Corrie - simply beautiful! Did you not know she was using your fabrics? What a happy surprise. blessings, marlene