Friday, April 22, 2011

The Rainbow....

....Somewhere over it.
My do.Good stitches block for the month of April.
The theme was rainbow.  
Who knew it would be my biggest challenge yet?
I'm thinking that's a lot of worry over color. 
I haven't done foundation piecing for 20 years!  
The flying geese block is here.  
The other block is just made up log cabin-ish. 
I want to be hanging out with the 
'happy little bluebirds' that are 
flying over the rainbow.  
Not worrying about Roy G. Biv.


  1. Beautiful Blocks and great fabric choices!

  2. Love your blocks!! They have a definite WOW factor :) I'm sure I can hear that blue bird :)

  3. If color could be translated into words, this would be "reverberating"!

  4. Beautiful blocks. They are so fun!

  5. Wow - Gorgeous! Color! And those fabrics. To. Die. For.

  6. I tried making that flying geese block once. Maybe I gave up too, soon! Your's looks very inspirational.

  7. So beautiful! Just looking at them made me happy!

  8. Roy is a great guy--he put a lot of charm into those blocks!

  9. Both of those look fabulous!

  10. All the cool girls are sewing rainbows these days. Love yours.

  11. I am in love with this! Our church womens group (R.S.) is doing an activity calling for 5 min lessons. I have never paper pieced before. Maybe I will learn with this and demonstrate with a corner of this block. I really love it!
    What material did you use?