Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

Salt Lake is beautiful in the Spring. 
Corrie and I are beautiful in the Spring. 
Even if I did my best David Cassidy hair-do. 

Kona Solids are beautiful in the Spring. 

Friends are beautiful in the Spring. 
I bet England is beautiful in the Spring. 

Machine quilting is beautiful in the Spring. 
I'm so excited to try out my new finger tips! 

Fabric that matches your shirt
is beautiful in the spring. 

Thimbleanna and I are beautiful in the spring
but wow, check out the quilt behind us!

Corrie is beautiful in the spring when she looks at fabric. 
She's even more beautiful when she buys it!

Corrie did her best to pull out her camera on occasion. 
More photos here.
All and all...
Spring Quilt Market was a beautiful thing!


  1. You two ARE beautiful! Year 'round! :D
    Love the pictures here, going to Flickr to see the rest. WHERE can we get those finger tip thingies???

  2. beautiful that's what you two's are. but did you like England Swings. did you buy any. thanks for pic'ing their booth. love the Red Hood Girl bag. and the black English places bag. of course the Vintage Dishes pattern is gorgeous. and that raggedy apple core quilt fantastic.

  3. What a beautiful time of the year for everyone!!!

  4. I really really wish we had made plans to meet! It would have been so much fun!

  5. wow, looks like lots of fun!

  6. Love that fabric wall and all the fabrics on it, really nice prints.


  7. Let me tell you what is really beautiful..your words, your photos, your flicker acct...I have many new fav's and the beauty that is sew much part of both of you...I added you to our list of sightings...certainly my fav sew far....
    Wish I was there with you!

  8. What a fun post....made me smile the whole way through....llife is just beautiful!!

  9. You guys are so great. Hope you had a good time!

  10. I saw stuff in this post I didn't even see at market. And I didn't get a pic or even partial pic of Anna! Dangit. I'm not sick of reading and seeing market pics. I don't know that I ever will be.

  11. You're hysterical! You two were a huge highlight of my market -- I SOOOO enjoyed talking to you both(and showing you that pillow hahaha!) You got some great pictures -- I love reading all the market posts 'cause I see so much of what I missed!