Friday, May 27, 2011


No more laborious labels for me! 
They were a labor of love.  
But the love has waned.  
I want quick. 
I want easy. 
Etsy to the rescue. 
I found these labels offered here
I like that I can just sew it into my binding.
(which I totally forgot on this first quilt and
had to hand do it all after the fact!)

I've had my cute, little girl logo for
a few years and she was ready
to go big time!
I will add the year's date once 
I get a new writing pen for this purpose.  
I'll put it right under DES.  
DES 2011. 

Now that is a labor of love. 


  1. too cute, I have thought of those too, now I might have to get some, love your logo!

  2. I feel the DES you cutiepatutie

  3. Oh, now those are CUTE! Who did you buy them through?

  4. i wanna a little girl logo. you're so cute.

  5. Adorable. I want your label on something. What would you like to make me?

  6. These are SO great! Thanks for the link!

  7. I'm so there with you on the Labels. Gotta get me some!
    Gmama Jane

  8. LOVE! Wish I'd had some of these last week (your name OR my name!) - I got dh to put new ink in my fancy printer. I ironed freezer paper to copy papy, I printed the labels I created in WORD in nice quilt matching colors. I ironed labels to set the color. I sewed on borders, I sewed on a backing, I hand sewed the labels to my quilts (two of them) and then I washed the quilts. Ink was entirely removed from the labels and so after drying them I wrote on them with a fine tip Sharpie. Yeah, how excited do you think I was about all of that? I'm buying some labels!
    cjnid AT imaxmail DOT net

    Can't get comments to work here with my blogger id although I AM indeed signed in. I just love computers.