Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Ghastlies by Alexander Henry

Yes, the Ghastlies have arrived!

Can't tell you how happy they make me!

The design above was released last year. It sold out, and

Alexander Henry Fabric so smartly reprinted it.

Along with it, they brought out a couple of new prints too!

This is "A Ghastlie Night".

Shows the family enjoying a typical evening

around the dinner table.

Also the Ghastlie ladies are knitting.

So glad the little Hammer girl is back.

Here is what we have on etsy...

the new prints have an *

on them.

We have the new dinner/knitting print in mauve & natural.

The main print from last year in mauve & natural.

Mauve & grey trees and grey Clover.

If you'd like a different amount than what we have listed,

just contact me.
Check out these for some Ghastly inspiration:

& Des


  1. I love these fabrics. They look like colorized black and white photos.

  2. I love this fabric. I am so glad they brought it back.

  3. RU kidding me..this is even better than last years..the white with pink bows..I almost fell down...I want to do that one into a quilt..You were not exaggerating in the it and you know how much I love Halloween and all... now how am I ever going to sleep now lol

  4. ps. the ladies knitting...I WANT THAT lol

  5. Yay! I know we already talked about the Ghastlies but I just shreak with delight everytime I see them!!!!!

    Amy -

  6. Sure hope you saved some for yourself this year :0)

    Can't wait to see what you create...Halloween will be here before we know it!